Women’s Session Notes Pages, Undated

I’ve had several requests to produce a Women’s Session Notes Page that is not dated. Also inspired by the recent adjustment to the Relief Society purpose statement I changed up the quotes and added the new statement. The notes pages are meant to be printed two sided, then folded in half along the long side. I left tons of space around the edges to accommodate even the most persnickety printer: note also that you could easily add your ward or stake name (or the date) on the top or bottom of the front page.

Please print, copy, share, enjoy!

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  • Jenni McVey

    Rachel!!! We love these notetaking guides you create! We print them and use them every time they are available. Thank you for taking the time to put these together. You are blessing the lives of all of us! P.S. It was great to see you today!

  • Rachel

    What is the script font you’ve used that says “Women’s” and “We” etc? I’ve been looking for that font! Can you email me and let me know?

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