We Cereal-sly Love the Scriptures

We Cereal-sly Love the ScripturesLast summer our Primary planned a “Summer of Service” challenge, where we encouraged the kids to find ways to serve others around them. This summer I wanted to maintain our scripture reading momentum, so I thought it would be great to have a scripture oriented challenge. The challenge we settled on is to learn the names and order of the books of scripture!

I’m hoping that the reward for this challenge will help motivate the kids: we’re planning a cereal party at the end of the summer! The plan is to have a dozen different sugar cereals (Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, Trix) and the kids can mix and match and eat their fill. We’ll have strawberry and chocolate milk, sprinkles, chocolate syrup and more. Our event will be at 11 am, so it will be a kind of cereal brunch. I’m hoping we can have some crafts (Fruit Loop necklaces?) and games. Check out my Pinterest board for more ideas.

Everyone in our Primary is invited to our cereal party, but we’ll also award a special prize to the kids who have learned all the books of scripture (to be determined)! I think it should be lots of fun.

There are lots of songs and games that can help with this task. Check out some links below.

Books of the Book of Mormon (to 10 Little Indians)

Books of the New Testament (to Praise to the Man)

Books of the Old Testament (to Do What is Right)

Books of Mormon Hand Clapping game on YouTube:

Book of Mormon song on YouTube:

I also created some worksheets and a bookshelf that I hope will help. Type in “bookshelf” in the search box on the right hand column to get the full set.

This cereal pun just keeps giving and giving 🙂


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