Sacrament Passing Game Plan Printable

Sacrament Passing Game PlanMy son is in charge of “shutting down” our chapel after church. The list he made to help organize his quorum (see below) nearly makes my eyes bleed. I take a few deep breaths every time I see it and tell myself it is more important that he is completing this responsibility himself than it is that the assignment sheet is cute. Or readable. Gah.

List of Responsibilities

Anyway. This is a common thing with young men and I think it’s ok. Everything doesn’t have to have a cute font and be laminated. The tasks at hand are still being accomplished. It’s all good.

But just a tiny bit more finesse really could be helpful. Like this simple printable to help with the weekly responsibility of passing the sacrament. We have a constantly rotating crew of young men and adults who fill in, and there is a frequent need for a few quick notes of instruction and organization right before the meeting begins. This printable could really help quickly and discreetly establish a sacrament “game plan” or assign “routes” without standing and pointing.

There are two chapel floor plans that you can print, one with an overflow and one without. Print the appropriate floor plan (or both, if you occasionally open your overflow but not always), slip it in a sheet protector and throw in a dry erase marker if you’re feeling generous. Give it to your young man to explain to the deacons or hand it to your Young Men’s President and see if he wants to use it. If they need to explain which “route” to take with the sacrament, they’ll have a floor plan and marker available at their fingertips to help teach everyone.

Sacrament Meeting Game Plan printable

My husband had a genius addition. Put velcro on the sheet protector and underneath the deacons bench, so it’s always stuck right below their seats. Otherwise, I think you could keep it next to the hymn books on the deacons row.

As always, feel free to use and share and by all means, get this thing on Pinterest. Have you seen one single Young Men’s pin on that place? It’s time to change that.

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  • Rachel Davis

    I have four sons and I have found that I have to work a little harder to stay in touch with what they are doing in their quorums and scout troops! Once they turn 12, it is definitely more difficult. But still possible and worth the effort!

  • Andi

    I’m not always aware of assignments given to young men. For one, my sons never tell me – nor YM leaders. So when I find out about assignments that are standard? Not only do I appreciate hearing about it, but also an idea how to teach my boys how to magnify their calling, even if it’s small. Because this is how their going to learn. Learn now before their husbands and fathers. BTW – I have a Young Men’s board on Pinterest. And I spend time making my own printable just for YM only. Thank you Rachel Davis! – {&D} Ⓐndi ➳ ₲ooch

  • Shelley Eakin

    Thanks for the great help. Our boys deal with autism issues and the diagram helps them with understanding their assigned positions. I really appreciate your willingness to share your organizational gifts and talents! <3

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