Thoughts on Priesthood Preparation

By Randy Davis

Welcome to Temple and Priesthood preview.  Most of you were baptized a few years ago an at that time you entered into gate the put you on the straight and narrow path of the Lord.    There’s an important scripture about that day in 2 Nephi 21: 19.  It says “After ye have gotten into this straight and narrow path (of baptism), I would ask you if all is done?”  What do you think?  Do you think that you were all done when you were baptized?  Nephi goes on to answer the question “Behold I say unto you, nay…Ye must press forward with steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men.”

What do the words “press forward” mean?  It means to move forward against resistance to continue walking down the path.  Today we are going to teach you about the next step forward in your path.  The next step in your path is to prepare to be sealed by priesthood ordinances in the Temple of God.

What does the word sealed mean?  Do you know?  Honestly it is a word that we don’t really use anymore so it is a word that has lost some meaning to us.  Let me explain.  In olden times, whenever a king needed to send an official document, and everyone needed to know that the document was from the king, the king had a special stamp that he would use to place a mark on the document.  That stamp was called a seal.  So to be sealed means that you have a special mark placed upon you that says that you belong to the king.   In our lives, the king is God and the seal is the temple ceremony. In the temple ceremonies, you don’t have a physical mark put on you, but you have a spiritual mark put on your sould that says that He has chosen you.

So to restate, the next step forward in your path is that you are called to go to the temple to be chosen by God.  Will you answer the call?  God has invited you, will you join Him?  The scriptures say that a lot of people won’t.  Do you wonder why that is?

The scriptures say, “many are called but few are chosen” because they refuse to learn that the rights of the priesthood are connected to the powers of heaven and that the powers of heaven can only be handled with principles of righteousness.  To be chosen, or sealed by God, we need to truly learn how the priesthood works, and we need to learn and abide by the principles of righteousness.   Will you learn those things?  That’s the only way you can be chosen.  A good description of those principles is found in Doctrine and Covenants 121.

To help you learn these principles now, both boys and girls will begin to carry out callings in the church.  Those callings will be carried out under the authority of and by the power of the priesthood.  The more you abide by the principles of righteousness the more your power in the priesthood will increase.  There is no limit to the amount of power that a righteous boy or girl can acquire through the priesthood.  He has promised to give all the power that He has, which is literally all the power in the universe. He will make you kings and queens and joint-heirs with Christ if you submit to Him righteously.  Learning to increase in priesthood power is required to by chosen by God.

Also beginning now, boys we be ordained to offices in the priesthood which gives the power to officiate in the priesthood.  That means that they will carry out the ordinances that both boys and girls get to participate in like the sacrament and the gospel of repentance and baptism.  These are great privileges reserved for those who live worthy to participate.

These next few years are tricky years.  You are strong enough to do some really amazing things, even miraculous things.  But you are also young enough that Satan thinks it is easy to trick you into sinning and he will work hard to make that happen.

To help you get through these years, God has given you some special spiritual powers.  Both boys and girls can develop gifts of the spirit.  Gifts of healing, prophecy, tongues, wisdom, knowledge, faith and many more are available to those who seek them.  Go get them right away!  Go ask god what your special powers are and use them to bless others. Additionally boys who ordained to the priesthood hold the keys to the ministering of angels.  When necessary such a young man can call for help from angels, and they will come.

To further help you get through these years God has also made available the patriarchal blessing, which is prophecy meant just for you.  You can go get this as soon as you want and it will help you as you seek to increase your power in the priesthood.

It is important to you know that there is no question whether or not Jesus will win the battle.  His victory has already occurred!  When He died on the cross and was resurrected He beat Satan and his resistance and fulfilled all righteousness.  He will go to heaven with all the faithful and partake in eternal joy.  His is the winning team.

He has called you to join his winning team by going to the temple to be sealed, unto the Father.  Will you press forward…and be chosen?

I pray that you will.



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  • teui;a matiseni

    Thanks so much i felt the spirit so strong

  • Jeanette

    This was very well written and I truly felt the spirit as I read this.

  • Melanie Flores

    I really loved and appreciated your theme and ideas. I am using them in our meeting this Saturday. Thank you so much for sharing! I was very inspired by your words! =)

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