Old Testament Scripture Reading Charts

I wrapped up the Old Testament scripture reading chart! True confession? I really like the black and white version. I can think of 1,000 ways to color in all the bubbles. The full color versions make me feel claustrophobic. Nevertheless, they are available for you, just in case. Again, I like the way Nathan Richardson organized the Old Testament, so I relied on his chart for the structure you see below.

Old Testament Scripture reading chart

Old Testament scripture reading chart two per page

This two per page version will fit into a set of standard scriptures. Print them on white cardstock for durability.

Old Testament full color Neutral

Here the full color, neutral version. Both full page and two per page are available below.

Old Testament Rainbow scripture reading chart

And there’s a brighter, rainbow version too! Full page and two per page available below.

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  • Rachel Davis

    I created these in Illustrator, so I am happy to send them to you but they are only editable in that program. Look for an email. Best wishes and good luck!

  • Nicholas Tei

    Thank you for doing this! I have been looking for such compact looking reading plans!
    I am actually for a Chinese church, do you mind sending me the working files (For both Old and New Testament) so I can get it translated and in turn bless more people in the Chinese community?

    thank you! await your positive response!

    God bless,

  • c

    Love these ideas.I am new Primary President so all the help i get would be great,

  • Rachel Davis

    Long story, but I don’t have one available. So sorry! Thanks for your work as a seminary teacher. It has been the single most important factor for my son in building his testimony. I’m so grateful for seminary teachers who show up and try their best. Thank you!

  • Tammy Harper

    Did you make a reading chart for OT Seminary? I would be very interested. just discovered your sight and am a struggling first time seminary teacher. Thanks, Tammy

  • jessie james

    I would love love love if you designed one for seminary reading selection! We are new teachers and I need a cuter reading guide!

  • Rachel Davis

    Oh, thanks for your comment, Bonnie. I didn’t know that Seminary doesn’t read the whole OT! I designed this reading chart for a general reader, someone who is planning to read the entire OT, but your note makes me think perhaps I should design a new one just for Seminary. Thanks!

  • Bonnie

    These are very cute. However, for seminary there is a different requirement for reading the OT. It starts with Moses and Abraham and then goes right to Genesis 6. There are other chapters not required too. OT is the only one they don’t have them read the entire text.
    smiles, Bonnie

  • Kelly

    THANK YOU! I’ve been looking as well for a simple black and white one because I love colouring it in with different shades 🙂

  • Amy

    Thank you for doing these in such a clear manner! I’ve been looking for a tracker for a while and these are perfect!

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