New Testament Scripture Reading Charts

New Testament Scripture Tracking ChartsMy husband is teaching Gospel Doctrine right now. This year the course of study is the New Testament. I’ve been thinking that I’d like to design a scripture reading chart for that class. So I created one in black and white, easy to photocopy. I must mention that I leaned on the scripture charts created by Nathan Richardson, here. I really love all of his charts for scripture study because they present a really simple overview of the content of the scriptures. His thoughtful work is what led me to divide up the New Testament into “The Gospels,” “History,” “Epistles of Paul,” and so on. Note that each of the books and chapters is still sequential. Also please note that I often declined to split up 1st and 2nd books. So, for example, all seven chapters of 1 John, 2 John, and 3 John are combined in “John.” As is the case for Corinthians, Timothy, Peter, and Thessalonians.

After finishing up the design in black and white, I thought it might be nice in color. Or maybe a brighter, rainbow scheme? So I added a couple of additional color options. I am quite pleased with how these turned out. I think I’d like to create them for all four books of scripture as time permits, so stay tuned!

All three New Testament versions are available below, as a full page or two-per-page (this size would be better suited to slip into standard sized scriptures).

New Testament Scripture Chart

New Testament Scripture Chart

New Testament Scripture Chart


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  • Sarah

    I loooove your scripture charts. Do you happen to have one for the Doctrine & Covenants? I’m starting a study of the entire standard works (eek!) tomorrow and wanted to get all 4 charts printed for my wall, but I don’t see that one here. I love all I’m seeing here and plan to come back and back for all sorts of church printables. 😀

  • Holly Siebach

    These are wonderful for my seminary class and family! You are just so AH-MAZE-ZING. Badaboom. Badabang.

  • Carin

    Thanks a ton!!! We are using these in our seminary class this year!!! We so appreciate you 🙂

  • Sarah

    Thank you very much! I might use these in my seminary class this year. (:

  • Nathan Richardson

    You, my friend, have a fabulous eye for design. These look tremendous! I’m glad my charts have helped you, and I welcome feedback and ideas for more charts. Also, I’ll be coming to you when I need an interior designer. 🙂

  • Jessica

    I’ve never seen the New Testament split up that way, but thank you for doing it as so! I’m (sadly) not very familiar with the Bible, so having this bit of information will be helpful while reading it!

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