New Cub Scout Tracking Sheets Especially for LDS Dens

Please note that these changes have now been overridden by further updates made in December 2016. Check out 2016 Cub Scout Updates for more info.

New Cub Scout Tracking Sheets especially for LDS densI think I’ve mentioned before that part of my calling in Primary is to help out with Cub Scouts when needed. I’m working on organizing some stuff for our pack and I just put together tracking sheets for our Wolf, Bear, and Webelos dens. I know lots of people like to track this with online software, but I am old school. I really like to have a copy in my hand to look at!

These tracking sheets are all based on the brand new handbooks and requirements which take effect June 1, 2015. The new materials are available online and at my local scout shop, though, so I’m starting to get comfortable with the new requirements. I’ve been neck deep in this stuff for the last several days, so I thought I’d leave a few notes for clarification.

First, the worksheets are meant to be used for each cub for a year. In LDS troops, that is all dependent on the cub’s birthday, so in the top of every section is a spot for the name of the cub scout and their birthday. I included the Bobcat requirement check off on the Wolf Adventure Tracking sheet because this is normally when an LDS cub scout completes this requirement (because we don’t do Tigers). It is possible to earn this patch if you start cubs as a Bear or Webelo, but it’s not included on those tracking sheets.

These worksheets are meant to be printed in color because I included tiny images of all the new belt loops, pins, and patches. I’m a visual learner, so seeing the awards right next to the check off box helps me a lot. You could easily print these worksheets in black and white if you would like, but it really won’t take much printer ink–the images are super small. Oh and P.S.: If you want png’s of all of these new images, click here. They are available directly from

Every tracking sheet also includes a Cyber Chip and Youth Protection check off square. The Cyber Chip requirements change for grades 1-3, then 4-5,  6-8, then 9-12. So your cub scout will *probably* need to complete it as a Wolf, then again as a Bear, and possibly late in the game as a Webelo. But again, because the LDS dens graduate through the dens by birthday it will vary slightly for each cub scout (yay).

Youth Protection is included on all three sheets because this section is intended to be completed with a parent each year.

Bear Requirements easy printable

I set up the tracking sheet so you can X out the circles or fill them in when the requirements are complete. There is also a blank square (or diamond) next to the each patch, pin, and belt loop. This is meant as a place for leaders to mark off when the award has been given to the Cub Scout. I feel like even when we know that the Cub Scout has earned the award, we don’t always have a place to record that award has been delivered (like at pack meeting). Same thing with the Wolf Patch in the top right corner. The blank triangle is meant to be marked off or X-ed out once the Wolf patch has been awarded to the kid.

As for the Religious Knot patch. It can be earned at any time during the Cub Scout experience. I included it only in the Webelos tracking sheet because that’s about the time most cub scouts finish up the Faith in God program at church. Everyone keeps telling me how the new program overlaps and integrates so well in the LDS Faith in God program, but I have seen zero indication that there is any additional integration. The only way I could imagine that these two programs could work together is if every Den Leader was also simultaneously called as the Faith in God coordinator. Which is mind boggling. What really happens is what has always happened: the Faith in God program is completed by parents and parents alone.

Webelo and Arrow of Light combined free printable

Webelos and Arrow of Light are basically combined, with the Webelos requirements on the left and the Arrow of Light in the right column. In Webelos and Arrow of Light, the boys earn pins but not belt loops. In LDS dens, these programs are usually completed together during one year so it makes sense to have it all in one place. There are only two per sheet because they have so much more info. Later I may combine Faith in God and the Webelos/Arrow of Light check off list for a parent tracking sheet, but today these are just intended for LDS dens.

Finally, I just want to mention that our ward is combined with two additional wards for Cub Scouts. It’s really fun for the boys but it’s been tricky in other ways (budget, organization). If your ward combines with another ward (or two) for Cub Scouts, I’d love to hear any tips on how you make this set up work smoothly! Help! Please leave me a comment if you have any helpful ideas 🙂

Check out earlier posts on scouts: 2015 summary of changes here and Surviving Scouting here.

Please note that these changes have now been overridden by further updates made in December 2016. Because Scouting is truly the most incompetent organization I have ever had the misfortune of working with. Check out 2016 Cub Scout Updates for more info.

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  • Debbie Kirkland

    Thank you!! What a great idea to keep track of everything!!

  • Rachel Davis

    Thanks Camille! I know that in a perfect world Cubs and Faith in God should be integrated, but I’ve never *ever* been in a ward where this has ever happened (and we’ve been in five different wards in two different states). Just. No one ever actually does it. I think the Cubs never have time? Or they don’t care enough? Who knows. I’ve never seen it happen.

  • Camille Duckworth

    And my preparation for a scout training tomorrow I just came across one of the resources where it does share that faith in God is an aspect of our Cub Scouting program. Certainly very parent and family oriented but also definitely encouraged to incorporate in scouting. Here is the link to that page and it also has a link directly to the handbook. Thanks again for sharing your talents with the rest of us!

  • Camille Duckworth

    I just thought I would let you know that in the handbook and actually does recommend that scout leaders integrate faith in God. I’m in the primary presidency and my husband was a Webelos leader and we had this discussion/argument 😉 so of course I needed to be right so I looked it up and was able to find it in the handbook. If you would like a link or a quote I would be happy to find it for you again.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome tracking sheets… I am also old-school and like to have paper records!

  • Sione Kuma

    Thank you! You just made life so much easier.

  • Hailey Leavitt

    Hey! Are you going to update this so that they fit with the new updates? That would be so helpful! Thanks.

  • Michelle

    I would love to see your packet! We are struggling through trying to combine as well. Thank you! (to avoid the spam bots, please take out the spaces in my email address) mi_ chelle my belle @ yahoo . com

  • Diana

    Thank you so much for your time to prepare these and your willingness to share. I have only been a Scout leader for 1 month, so I am excited for your tracking sheets. I am sorry for your frustration dealing with the changes to the program. Thanks for adapting your pages to accommodate those changes.

  • Tami

    This is such a huge help! I needed something to keep track of my Webelos boys, and this makes it so simple and clear. You are amazing!!!

  • Rachel Davis

    Kari– We don’t use Google docs in our ward/stake, but I just tested it and you can open PDFs in Google Docs. So you should be able to save these PDFs into your Google Docs folder (just download them and then upload them). You can also download the PDFs, save them as jpegs, and then place them in a Google doc as an image.

    Our ward is trying to move to ScoutBook so I won’t be updating these for further use 🙂 Sorry!

  • kari w.

    Hi Rachel 🙂 Is it possible to get these forms as GOOGLE Docs so all leaders have much easier access to them. We live in NYC where turnover of leaders is quite frequent and documents aren’t always passed on to the new leaders.

  • Summer

    Thanks so much for sharing these, I love how compactly it gets the job done!

  • Richel

    HI do you have one for Tigers? I did not see that one here! Thanks these are great

  • Jenny

    Hi Rachel! I’m so glad I found this link. I don’t know if you are still interested at all, but several years ago I was in charge of cub scouts in my ward and we were also combined with two other wards. It was a bit of a mess and no one knew who was in charge of what or what budgets were and how to work them. I created a specific packet on how to do a tri-ward program. If you are still interested you are free to email me and I’d love to send it to you.

  • Rachel Davis

    Thanks Karen! I am sure someone will find your links helpful. I’ve already reviewed them 🙂

  • Rachel Davis

    There’s not! So sorry. We don’t do Tigers in the LDS church so I didn’t make one for our pack.

  • heather

    is there a link for the tiger worksheet?

  • Briana

    Thank you! I’m a new cub scout committee chair and my den leaders have been asking for updated trackers. This is perfect!

  • Nat

    Good idea, to fill in the blank shape with the date. We are also now moving to online tracking, but so far I’ve found these to be handy for recording quickly. We’ll see how long that lasts! Thanks for replying.

  • Rachel Davis

    Good luck! Spending time with these boys is such a great service. You’re creating opportunities of learning and growth for them! You’ll be great.

  • Veronica

    Thank you for sharing! My husband and I just received our calling as Cub Scout leaders. I am a recent convert and my husband just rejoined the church . Our children are grown so this is going to be an interesting adventure in learning for everyone. 🙂

  • Caroline

    Thank you so much! For those of us who are technically challenged, you are such a blessing!!! I also came into this calling without any records. So we are trying to organize things for these boys. This really helps!!

  • A. Graf

    This is so helpful. I also printed off your Faith in God page, two to a sheet. Came into this calling without many records being kept. Thank you!

  • Rachel Davis

    So sorry, Amber: the LDS church doesn’t start activities for the kids until age 8, so there isn’t one for Tigers (church wide, we doesn’t sponsor Tiger Cubs so no Tracking sheet)

  • Rachel Davis

    Nat, in reviewing the worksheet, I think it could be pretty easy to write in the date the adventure took place rather than fill in the square (or triangle) when the adventure is awarded. But whatever works for you–feel free to keep looking for another free printable worksheet that could work for you!

  • Rachel Davis

    We are migrating to an entirely online tracking system in our pack, so I won’t be revising these! Sorry! I hope you can find another one you like. Our local Scout shop is beginning to require that all of our information is online!

  • Nat Brown

    Hi Rachel,
    These are nice looking tracker sheets. But I need to find one that includes a spot for the date that each adventure was completed–dates are important for entering it into the online progress system with the BSA.

  • April

    Our whole stake meets together for cub scouts. There just are not enough boys to keep it going in the wards; especially when you only have one boy. It is much more fun for the boys and lets face it, it is meant to be a social/team type of program. As far as budget goes, our stake does not give the wards a budget for cubs anymore. The stake keeps it all and our Stake Cub Scout committee, along with our Stake Primary president, pay for our awards and activities through one account.

  • Rachel Davis

    Good question! I don’t know where to start! We don’t pay dues personally: our church pays a lot of the administrative costs for us. We don’t start with Tigers because our youth programs start when the kids turn 8 (so we start with Wolves). Leaders of Cubs and Scouting are asked to volunteer for these positions by our ecclesiastical leaders (we use the word “called”–people are “called” to serve in Cubs). Even though accepting a calling to serve in Cubs is, indeed, optional, it’s considered bad form to turn down a request to serve. People usually only serve in their callings for 2-3 years, although there are exceptions. Our cub packs and scout troops are generally made up of the kids from one ward–a congregation made up of a geographical area. There is often another Cub pack or Scout troop in the same area that is run by parents and volunteers that is not LDS–we still create our own troops and packs and meet mostly just with the LDS kids. Although we are open to everyone, we run cubs and scouts as the activity arm of the church for the boys and young men. Does that answer your question?

  • Rachel

    Can I ask what the main difference is between the LDS scouts and regular scouts?

  • Rachel Davis

    I don’t! So sorry. You are not the first person to ask about this… I have to figure out a way to do this in a way that is still adaptable and generic. Meanwhile, our pack is beginning to do everything online! So it’s not a high priority for me personally. Bummer.

  • Megan LeBaron

    Hello! these are wonderful and I have been using them with my den. I was wondering, in case I missed it, do you have a tracking sheet for the electives? I know that the Wolf only needs to complete one but over the summer we completed quite a few and I wanted to have a way to track it. Thanks!

  • Sara N.

    Thank you! I think the den leader is the Faith in God “coordinator”. 🙂 I have much better success incorporating the religious knots requirements when I’ve planned out the year, matching what can be done during den/pack meetings, then make suggestions for parents/boys can complete items at home. I always have to remind myself the cub program is a support to the primary, not the other way around. 🙂

  • Ryon Jensen

    These are great … thank you!! If you don’t mind me asking, what do you use to design the tracking sheets

  • Ann F.

    Thank you for the forms! I found another site that you might want to take a look at – it explains the new program and has resources for families and lds leaders and a great pamphlet to keep on the fridge to track progress. One page for the whole cub scout program!

  • KathyE

    In our LDS den we like to write in the date rather than just x it out. Sometimes we have helpers who mark the pages wrong, and we find it helpful to be able to check the date it was done against the attendance page. Love the multiple boys per page idea–we have 10 boys right now and are wishing for a page that we could track them all on!

  • Ann Sewell

    Hello Rachel :)… I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your time & talents in creating these tracking sheets!! I am a Webelos leader & I have been searching for a simple & straightforward tracking sheet for the new program. The one you have created is by far & away the most “user friendly” one I have seen :). Thank you again :)… You were a happy ending to a very frustrating search!!

  • Anginette

    I love your tracking sheets! For the electives, maybe you could just add some more lines where the elective name can be handwritten in? We’ll be doing several as well.

  • Rachel Davis

    It’s really hard to create a generic tracking sheet that includes everything you can pass off in Cubs! There are just so many variables. I’ll be curious to see how our ward adapts to the new program too–I may need to adjust these tracking sheets for more electives or other things I can’t yet foresee 🙂 Thanks for the idea.

  • Stacie Nimer

    I LOVE how nice your tracking sheet looks! My only problem is that my ward will be doing a few electives, so I was looking for a tracker that included the electives as well, so I could keep track of all the ones we do. Otherwise, It’s great!!!

  • Josie

    Have you by chance made any other tracking sheets such as attendance… ext.? I would like to do a whole cohesive binder.

  • Rachel Davis

    Yeah, we start programs for our kids at age 8 (for both the girls and boys). So in LDS packs the boys start with Wolf. Sorry!

  • Shannon Thomas

    Or do LDS scouts start as a Wolf? (I didn’t notice the LDS before I commented. Sorry)

  • Shannon Thomas

    I find so many that create for the Wolves, Bears and Webelos… what about Tigers?

  • Jana

    Thank you! We have several wards together too. With only two leaders right now for all packs combined. Yikes!! This will help me a lot!

  • Beth

    Sorry to comment again. You mentioned you were able to find the new materials online. I heard they were going to be posted but I haven’t been able to find them. Would you mind linking to your resources? Thank you!

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