Nazareth to Bethlehem Advent Calendar

I know I’m starting Christmas a little early here on my website! It’s ironic, because I actually have a strict “No Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving” rule around my house. But I want to give you some time to prep these advent calendars before December 1. So off we go…

Nazareth to Bethlehem Advent Calendar. Move the Holy Family from Nazareth all the way to Bethlehem, on day at a time.

I saw this awesome felt advent calendar on Pinterest last week and I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I love the idea of incorporating a constant reminder of Mary and Joseph’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem into a Christmas advent. But felt is not for me. So I made one with a similar concept but it’s easy to print on card stock. The road Mary and Joseph would have taken was probably about 92 miles and would have taken them four or five days to complete. There’s a great article here about The Road to Bethlehem with a lot more details. It would be easy to pair this advent calendar with the article for a killer FHE.

Nazareth to Bethlehem copy

This page is meant to be printed on cardstock. I would probably choose kraft (a brown/cardboard color) but it would be great on red or white. Cut all the dotted lines you see above with an Xacto knife so the little “holy family” piece can slip into each slot as they take a step on their journey on every day of December until Christmas. Don’t let this stress you out: it took me literally 3 minutes. The slots are numbered to help keep you on track.

N to B pieces

These are the “holy family” pieces. There are 18 per page, and you should also plan to print this on card stock, because the thicker paper will help your piece hold up for the month of December. You could easily laminate this whole project if you’re inclined. Note: You only need *one* of the pieces per advent calendar–I included 18 on one page so that you can have lots of extras if you’re creating this advent for a Primary class or for every person in your family. Ideally, you’d move the same Holy Family piece from Day 1 to Day 24.

Best wishes for a really lovely Thanksgiving!

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  • Rachel Davis

    Meg– If I’m remembering right it’s just a Wikipedia map. Nothing special. I layered on the other stuff myself.

  • Lisa

    LOVE this! I had seen the felt idea, as well — but was just not up for dealing with a big fabric project — so this is perfect! Much prefer this over the typical Advent calendar idea. Conveys the whole point of Advent so much better. Thanks!

  • Rachel Davis

    Good question! No, really you only need one map and *ONE, only 1* Holy Family piece for a complete calendar. I just put 18 on one page because you’re going to have to print 2 cardstock pages anyway. This way if you need a bunch for a class or for every one in your family or whatever, you can print as many maps as you need per person but only 1 of the Holy Family pages and you can cut out as many as you need from just one printed sheet. Does that make sense?

  • juliemedeiros

    Dumb question…are you loading up all 18 slots and pulling them out each day….or adding them in up to the end?

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