Mission Prep

Our eldest son, Josh, is preparing for a mission to the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo East. He enters the Dominican Republic MTC mid-August.

Josh graduated from high school over a year ago and completed his freshman year at college away from home. He didn’t go to a BYU school, but he participated meaningfully in a student ward and institute. He took a few road trips, got a job, and played a lot of pick-up basketball.ย This summer before he leaves he is spending time on splits with our local missionaries here in SoCal. He is working and drinking deeply the magic of Los Angeles in the summer. He’s excited and happy.

When I ask him if he’s worried about his mission, he says he’s worried about teaching and baptizing. His answer makes me feel relief. How does he already know that these are the only two things worth worrying about?

As always, Josh is doing things at his own pace, with or without our help, ignoring peer influence. I’m sharing how this is all working out just in case someone needs to hear that this kind of timing might be a blessing. Make no mistake: my husband and I were only peripherally involved in Josh’s decision to attend school before a mission. He made it a matter of personal prayer. But I do believe this past year at school has been a key turning point in Josh’s life. Irreplaceable. I don’t know if this gap year is right for you or your missionary, but I’m an advocate of giving it true consideration.

Additional thoughts about missions and the temple here.

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  • tiffany.

    What a beautiful boy; I’m sure your momma heart was melting for a hundred different reasons!

  • Rachel Davis

    Lacey– I am working on our program right now–ours is early this year, the last Sunday in September. So I’ll share a generic version of that in late July/early August. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lacey

    Hi Rachel! I am wondering if you will be doing a generic primary program this year? I have loved yours for the past 2 years and am really hoping you are ๐Ÿ™‚ But if you aren’t I suppose I will really need to get in gear and start working on it! Thanks so much for your help the past 2 years in getting mine written. It was so appreciated and I received many compliments on how it was done. Everyone especially loved that the children said their names before their parts. Could you please let me know, so I know if I should wait for yours to come out? Thank you!!

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