Merry Christmas 2016!

2016 was full of new chapters for the Davis family. Our first high school graduate and subsequently our first college drop off. My first job since college! I’ve been working part time since spring. We have our first Eagle Scout. Our last preschool graduation. We became a band family (that’s a thing) because Lucas plays the euphonium in the high school marching band. We had an epic trip to Lake Powell. Lots of Disneyland. EFY. Basketball. Pioneer Trek. Refugee Relief. Yoga. Lots of low brass. Lots of noise! Lots of boys.

We’ve never been so busy. I feel like we’ve never juggled so many big changes for so many of us. I’m learning to find a new kind of balance. Grappling with the necessity to choose best rather than good. Coming to terms with living in the middle of life, where the end seems closer than the beginning. Leaning in to the changes makes it easier to say: 2016. Was. Awesome.

With love from my family to yours, Merry Christmas.

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  • Rachel Davis

    Kendra!!!! We love you guys so much! We always think of your family fondly. I will have to make sure you’re back on the Christmas card list for 2017.

  • Kendra Dockstader

    Rachel I’ve stumbled onto your blog a couple of times searching for church stuff!! And today when it came up I scrolled through and found this awesome Christmas card. We lost track of you guys a few years back. Sounds like things are going well and life is busy!! Much love from the Dockstaders and tell Randy hello!!

  • Jean L

    I can’t believe it took me over a year to find this gem! Crazy thing is I came across one of your posts before, and never thought about exploring the entire blog! Thank you for sharing all your amazing ideas!!! I’m finally starting to follow your blog. Happy New Year!

  • Shelley N Eakin

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year. So enjoy following your blog and all the great ideas you share. Thanks so much!

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