Home and Visiting Teaching Calling Cards

I had a fantastic request from a reader named Jim who is figuring out his calling as a Home Teaching supervisor. He wants cards that he can give to families in his ward to inform them of their home teachers. We often assign the teachers but leave the families wondering who is supposed to come by for a visit–his idea is to encourage visits by getting everyone the information. I think it’s a really useful idea and I quickly agreed to put one together. You can see the general idea below.

Of course the initial request spawned several variations. First, here’s what I came up with for Jim’s original request. They are designed four per page, meant to be cut in half twice.

There’s a copy below that you can simply print, cut, and fill out. I also made a version that is an *editable* PDF. To be honest, I haven’t had a lot of luck with these in the past–I find there’s a lot of variables that I can’t properly account for. Please let me know in the comments if they are working for you!

I layered in 5 text boxes to fill in. The way it worked for me is that clicking on the green box below spawned a new box in Safari. I was then able to click inside each box on the form and fill it out. I think it would be smart to “Save As” when you are finished filling one set out. You might have to do up to 10 pages for all 40 families you have assigned Home Teachers.

This has also worked well for me with Adobe Acrobat.

Next there’s a nearly identical version for Visiting Teaching.

I wanted a similar one for Visiting Teaching but with a different quote. This is still designed to give to the sister who is being visit taught (so she will know who her visiting teachers are).

Alright, so now that the specific request is covered (I hope that works for you, Jim!) I wanted to put together a similar card meant for the Visiting or Home Teachers. There’s a spot for the Sister who is being assigned or called on the far right (write it in vertically) and room for a companion and three sisters to visit. The editable version has text boxes for these spaces *except for the vertical sister being assigned. Sorry! Editable forms do not rotate to run vertical.

Also, please note that I left these blanks very open to accommodate your adaptations. In the three rows I would include the name of the sister, her phone number and email on the second line (the one with an @) and then a birthday on the third line. You also have room for an address, but honestly, doesn’t everyone just use LDS Tools for all those details? You could choose different info if it works better for your Relief Society.

Samesies for Home Teaching.



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  • julie

    Thank you so much! Wanting to use these! I had a question tho…when I type in name at the top as the companion, it adds that same name to all 4 cards. Really we just need one name per card, right? Do you know how to fix that?

  • Jim

    Your awesome… Thank you so much for all you have done. Working great… Your awesome!!!

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