Get More Out of Conference bookmark

Get More Out of Confernce bookmarks

I sat down to put together a worksheet for my Primary kids for General Conference and this is what came out. A bookmark! For teens or adults. Oh well! Sometimes you’ve just got to go with inspiration when it hits.

The content for this bookmark came from an article titled Ideas for Personal Study. I think most of the tips are intended for someone who is reviewing conference talks, but I like the idea of having this little bookmark handy with a notebook and a pencil *during* conference as well. We’re reminded to “take notes” during conference, but this little bookmark offers several very specific, original ways to think about the content that is being delivered. You could apply a different approach to each talk or keep a few running lists as you’re listening. I think this list is a good reminder that there are various simple ways to make conference a better, more individualized experience.

The bookmark is 3×7, with .5 inch around all the borders and in between each bookmark. Photocopy these onto colored card stock if you’re feeling fancy (a bright neon would be fun, I think).

Stay tuned for a Primary worksheet, I guess! I’ll be making one for our Primary and I’ll share it here too.

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  • Linda Lee

    Thank you! I rewrote this into a 4×6 to then insert into a photo album together with quotes from each talk.

  • Michelle

    Thank you SO MUCH! I think my young women will really benefit from these. 🙂

  • Laura Toone

    This is fantastic! Thank you! You know what I would love to see? Conference journal tabs and/or note pages with icons and categories that match the bookmark (i.e., “Jesus Christ,” with the magnifying glass, “Inspiration” with the light bulb, etc.). That would be a great way to apply the bookmark’s suggestions, and a way to flip quickly to each category to note each down as they come up in real time.

  • julie card

    great bookmark! Thank you, I believe it was inspired.

  • Emily Pitts

    Thank you so much, these are perfect for my seminary youth! You are a blessing to me and my class, thank you for sharing your talents. 🙂

  • niso

    Thx Rachel for listening and being the inspiration that those of us who need something can be inspired to use.

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