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Conference photo bookletA couple of weeks ago I put together a Bible ABC Quiet book for Jonah using a cheap photo brag book. So when I started thinking about how to engage my children for conference this year, I naturally started thinking about those little photo brag books again. You know what I’m talking about, right? You can fit 24 4×6 photos in each little book, and you can find them for about $1-$1.50 at most drug stores. Kind of like this. The covers are always atrocious, but don’t worry: you can pull the cover out and slide in your own.

Covers for Conference Photo Booklets

So I had one of these photo books sitting on my desk and I remembered that I used to bring sheet protectors to my primary class. We would use dry erase markers to write, draw, or color on the sheet protectors as part of the lesson. Then you can just erase them with a tissue (or your fingertip!). And I realized these little photo books would act in the same way: you could use dry erase markers on them. It makes them perfect for a little quiet book… or for a General Conference quiet book for kids!Conference Facts

I gathered a bunch of photos and activity pages from (this is a great folder in the Media Library as well as this)and had them printed as photos, 4×6 at Costco. But after trying out that method, I think it would have been easier to print them at home! So I saved mazes, activity pages, and coloring sheets for you as a PDF to print on your home printer, two per page. You’ll have to trim the sheets down to 4×6 (see below for guides for trimming) before you slip them into your photo book, obviously, but I think it works better. I would print the images on card stock to make it easier for your kids to write on the pages.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.18.14 AM

A few words on the images I chose. I work hard to stay true to the instructions on about which images are free for use and which ones are copyright protected. There are a lot of photo images (like all of the images of Auxiliary leaders, for example) which are behind a copyright protection. I printed these for my own kids so they can be familiar with the Primary, Young Women, Young Men, and Relief Society presidencies, but I can’t repost them here for you. You can easily download these images and print them for your family directly from

The same holds true for the deep cache of images, games and activity pages that are available from The Friend (and which are copyright protected). Just a little bit of searching, saving, and printing and you could easily customize 24 pages for your individual child. It’s so easy. If the 4×6 resizing feels like too much of a hassle, you could easily replicate this project with full page sheet protectors, a three ring binder and old copies of The Friend! Slip coloring pages and activity pages from old copies of The Friend behind sheet protectors, add a few dry erase markers and you’ve got an easy conference quiet book ready to go.

Tracing in a photo booklet

You may also want to include a family photo for your kids to trace (or deface with moustaches!) or your local temple. Also, as the image above shows, the coloring pages are fun to color in, but my kids also have a great time outlining them and then removing the image from behind the plastic sleeve. There’s something a little big magic about tracing in this way! It’s fun.

Finally, I originally left space for notes about the speakers messages. But the blessing of the dry erase markers (that they are erasable) is also a drawback! I think if the kids are taking notes, they should probably do that in a different, more permanent way. I found that the ink doesn’t immediately rub off (so you can reliably make some simple marks) but it isn’t very predictable either. So this booklet ends up being a fun, on topic distraction. If you’re hoping for a way to take notes, keep looking: you might like these labels on speakers and topics.

If you’re having trouble downloading the whole file or if you’d just like to download individual pages, click through below for more options. You can also click through if you want to see exactly what is in the 10 page PDF above.

I heard in a comment that a friend was having trouble downloading the whole file! Bummer. I broke them down into each individual page to download below. This would also make it possible to cherry pick which pages you’d like to use for your individual books. Good luck!

Coloring Pages1

Coloring Pages2

Coloring Pages3

Coloring Pages4

Coloring Pages5

Conference Facts

Easter Coloring Egg and Bunny Color


Maze2 Full colorb

Quorum and Pres

World Map Full Color

Okay, and while we’re at it, I’ll just put the covers here too. I think these are the most beautiful when printed as photos, which means they need to be uploaded as jpgs to a photo printing site (like Costco).  The ones above are in PDF format which is easier if you’re printing at home.

Conf Cover1

I like this one because I have all boys 🙂

Conf Cover2

Great for Easter.

Conf Cover3

I think this one has a nice missionary vibe.

Conf Cover4 This one feels very “spring.”

Conf Cover5

And this one feels very “autumn.” See how easy it would be to switch out covers and change the content a little for each conference? Keep those kids looking at fresh stuff.

Conf Cover6



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  • Angela Horner

    Love this! I tried with the photos all but I’m but it didn’t work out so good. However the other day I did it full size and my daughter has been independently content ever since!

  • Rachel Davis

    Would you just run the index card through the printer or do you attach it to a sheet of paper? I’ve never thought of this but it’s a great idea!

  • Keira

    I love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing! Have you ever thought about making the pages 4 x 6 size (one to a page) so that someone could print them out on 4 x 6 index cards? Just an idea. Thanks again for sharing. This is fantastic!

  • Rachel Davis

    Melissa– The images in the post itself are actually pretty high res jpegs. You’d have to crop to get them to be the right size at a photo shop, but I think they would work if you just click on the image itself (or right click, maybe, on a PC) and then download that image. It worked for me when I tried it just now. If it’s still not working for you, email me and I’ll send the files over. greendavis at

  • Melissa

    This is awesome! Do you have a jpeg of the mazes, apostles pictures and the world map? I can not get my printer to print in color and so would like to print them as 4×6 pictures.

  • Rachel Davis

    Thanks so much for leaving both comments, Sara. Hope the sharing the info will help others. The browser issue didn’t occur to me. I’m glad it worked for you in Firefox. I do work in Chrome, so it does surprise me a little.

  • Sara

    Well now I just feel silly. I don’t know why it just dawned on me to change browsers. That should have been my first thought! So it doesn’t work in chrome but worked in Firefox.

  • Sara

    Such cute booklets! I have tried several times the past couple of weeks to get them to print (sorry if my IP address showed up so many times…not stalking just trying). But I just wanted to drop a note that they are great! But the download didn’t work for me either 🙁

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