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One of the first projects I shared on The Mormon Home was our ward Priesthood Preview–about two years ago! Those printables were overdue for an update and I really like the new look I’m sharing here today. Feel free to use for your ward, print, and share!


The main look is the same across the printable set and there are several options. First the invitation. An email or Evite works well, but I am always a fan of printing something on paper to be sure everyone has the relevant information. There are two options. One is four per page, a sort of post card, made to copy front to back. You fill in the Date, Time, and Location with a pen. Old school!


The second is also mean to be copied front to back and then cut and folded in half. More like a standard invitation.

At the Priesthood Preview, I usually make the agenda or “program” that is handed out at the door. I made a super simple letter head style see that you can fill in with your own agenda. I included ours below so you can see how we run our Priesthood Preview. The PDF you can download is blank (like on the right side) except for the top black letterhead section.


I like to give this handout to the boys. These are five “To Do” items that are found in the Faith in God booklet. They are meant to be completed in preparation for priesthood ordination. These handouts are two per page, meant to be cut in half. We also give the boys a For the Strength of Youth pamphlet, a True to the Faith booklet, a Duty to God booklet and sometimes a Preach My Gospel mini-book.

Preisthood Preview Handout

Finally, I added something new! A bunch of quotes and scriptures about the Aaronic Priesthood with the same “look.” They would make a great backdrop behind the refreshment table or at the front of the room. You could hang them from a string, banner style. There are 6 that are standard letter size and four that are tabloid (11×17). You’ll probably need to get the 11×17 ones printed at the copy shop. I think they would look great in a sort of puzzle together.


Additional Note:

Also: Here’s the handbook section on Priesthood Preview. I read it to mean the bishopric is in charge of the meeting, but it’s not really crystal clear! In our ward currently, the Primary plans the event (invitations, refreshments, room scheduling, buying the Duty to God and Preach my Gospel books), the Young Men organize the Deacons Quorum to present the program (opening and closing prayers, leading music and playing the piano if possible, intro to the priesthood, welcome to the quorum are all executed by Deacons Quorum members), and the bishopric member conducts the meeting. The bishop makes remarks as does the Primary President.

Priesthood Preview

A meeting called Priesthood Preview is held each year for 11-year-old boys and their parents. The purpose of this meeting is to help boys understand the priesthood and strengthen their commitment to prepare to receive it. Possible topics for the meeting include priesthood purposes, responsibilities, and blessings (for some ideas, see Faith in God for Boys, pages 12–13).

A member of the bishopric conducts the Priesthood Preview, and at least one member of the Primary presidency attends. Other leaders, including members of the deacons quorum presidency and Young Men presidency, may also attend.

If a ward has very few 11-year-old boys, the meeting may be held, under the direction of the stake presidency, with other wards or with the entire stake. According to local needs, it may be held on a Sunday evening, as part of a deacons quorum meeting on Sunday, or at another time.


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  • Rachel Davis

    These are not editable. So sorry. I designed them so you can place the PDF’s in any image editing program (from Photoshop to Word, etc) and layer on your own details. I created them originally in Illustrator.

  • Terri-Anne Christey

    Hi Rachel thank you sharing your amazing creations. This may be a silly question but can you tell me how to edit a PDF file or could you post it as a word document so I could edit it? TIA

  • Jeremy

    Love that Holland quote. I think it resonates as well with 11-year-olds as with 40-somethings.

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