Feast Upon the Words buttons

Feast Upon the Words button rewards

I mentioned in the first post about the Feast Upon the Words business cards that we’ll be giving 1-inch buttons as a reward after the kids have read for 30 days. I had lots of requests for files to print so I thought I’d share Part 2 of this project 🙂

To reemphasize the yearly scripture and to make sure the sharp pin tips are tucked in, I decided to make an easy button card to attach to each button. Obviously, this is an extra! If you’d like to keep all the buttons in a bucket for the children choose from that would work really well too.

I used my stash of washi tape to add a little color, but the tape also acts to camouflage the inevitable bending and creasing the takes place when you attach the button. It keeps the card stock looking good.

If you want to make these cards for your buttons, I have any easy black and white printable below. The cards themselves are 2×3 inches and I printed them on white card stock. The PDF is formatted to the top left, so you’ll trim half an inch off the right side and 2 inches off the bottom. Then I used a paper rounding tool on the top and punched three holes. The bottom two are to attach the button and the top center one is just for looks, but you could use it to hang the buttons on a bulletin board or foam core board. It might be a nice way to display all the options for the children to see at once.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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  • Cari Hicken

    I’ve used your button designs as a chorister to make “buttons for bravery” where the kids earn a button for being brave enough to sing a solo in front of the other kids. I’ve given away my first 100 and am about to make another batch via etsy. I went looking for images and saw you might be willing to send a file? I would LOVE that!

  • Allison

    I’m thrilled to have found your blog! You have shared so many great ideas that I would like to use for our primary! I was hoping you could email me a copy of your buttons. They are fantastic! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  • audrey

    caught it this time! thanks so much….these are great. Audrey Spencer

  • Audrey

    Hi! i would love to have the button files…i think you might have sent them to me once, but they might have went into my junk folder in my email. i will watch for it this time. thanks! audrey spencer

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