Favorite General Conference Printables

Favorite Conference PrintablesThere are lots of really great printables out there for General Conference. I thought I would pull together a few of my favorites! put together a packet, activity pages, and coloring pages. It’s at the top of my list. We’ll send this link out to the parents in our Primary the week before conference.

My favorite packet is this one from Kiki and Company. Nice clean lines, open for notes and coloring.

For older kids my favorite note taking sheets are the ones Nathan Richardson put together. I especially like his “So what?” section. Perfect for seminary kids.

Camille at Chicken Scratch n’ Sniff put together a printableĀ paper chain to help in the countdown to conference. Each link has trivia or images that you read as you get closer to conference. I love this idea! A great way to introduce the family to some of the speakers they’ll be hearing during conference weekend.

Notes Pages

Of course I’m including some of my own work here too šŸ™‚ My favorites are these one page note taking helps. There’s one for Priesthood and one for the Women’s session. They are still both labeled correctly since conference is the 185th session all year, but I updated the date on the Women’s Session. These are meant to be printed on both sides of one paper, then folded in half hot dog style.

I’ll be using this one page printable for the Women’s Session as both a notes page and a sort of reminder/invitation for my Primary friends. Remember that our 8-year-old sisters are invited to attend the Women’s Session–I’ll be handing this out to them as a reminder.

Get More Out of Confernce bookmarks

I’m loving this bookmark that I posted about last week.

Labels for General ConferenceI also still really like these labels. TheseĀ are designed to be printed on Avery address labels and then used to help with taking notes. They will need to be updated after we learn who our two new apostles are, butĀ the beauty of the labels is that they are adaptable–you can just use the ones you need. This set will still work for this fall.

Labels for ConferenceĀ (this one has people)Ā and one with Topics

Questions for Conference Questions for Conference for kids

Finally, my favorite worksheet for conference so far are these ones I designed for aĀ Family Home Evening before conference. They correlate with this quote from Dieter F. Uchtdorf about preparing questions for conference: “As you prepare for conference, I invite you to ponder questions you need to have answered. There are messages in each general conference given as a gift and a blessing from heaven specifically for our personal life situations.”

Conference photo booklet

If you’re still looking for something different, I also put together an idea using Post-it notes for conference you might want to check out. And I made some printables to slip into a 4×6 photo booklet for conference last April. We had a lot of fun with those around my house this spring.

I also just added a one page printable that’s easy to photocopy for a big group of kids. (Like a Primary or a whole lotta cousins!)




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