Faith in God printables

Faith in God printable for Primary

Faith in God is a program designed for the 8-12 year old Primary children. Often, these activities are completed for the girls during Activity Days meetings. The boys seem to have a harder time because the Cub Scout program competes for time and resources. I’ve always gotten these activities done with my boys during Family Home Evening. I also like to spend time with my kids on this program during the summer, when we have a little more open time.

Faith in God comes with a booklet, one for boys and one for girls which is about the size of a standard set of scriptures. It’s great for the kids to carry around (and lose), but as a parent or leader I really like being able to see all of the activities on one page. I made an easy printable to share meant to supplement the booklet: you could easily use this in a family, for a class, or for the whole Primary. Just write the name of the child in the top right and keep it in a binder. It also has circles to check so you can easily tell what is finished and what needs to be done.

Faith in God for boys

The requirements are slightly different for the boys and girls. On the boys sheet, I shaded in the seven activities that are necessary to complete for the Cub Scout Religious Knot.

Faith in God reminder

I also made a half page “Reminder Page” that you can use to write reminder notes for the kids. If you’re working on Faith in God in a Primary class, at Activity Days, or during Cubs, I think it would be supremely helpful to send this little note home to communicate with parents or remind the kids of stuff they need to finish up. I filled out one above as an example.

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  • Eva

    I really want to thank you for taking the time to make this. You are a lifesaver!!!

  • Rachel Davis

    Erin–the font in the body of the text is Montserrat. (A favorite of mine btw, that pairs well with Open Sans).

  • Erin

    I, too, would love to do an accompanying flyer for our parents. What is the font of the body of the text?

  • christie

    This is exactly what I needed! I want to print and frame one for each child 8 and older so they can have a visual reminder on their wall! Thank you!

  • Brenda

    Thanks! It is so nice to have it on one page! Can you tell me what font you used for the title? I want to make another handout and I would love to have them coordinate.

  • Rachel Davis

    “Thanks heaps” makes me think you’re not based in the US, right? Where are you from? And yes, I’d be happy to fix that up for you in the next few days. Check back: I’ll update this post with a “no cubs” version.

  • Tania

    Hi Rachel,
    Is it possible to get a 1 page version for the boys that doesn’t have any reference to cub scouts and unshaded activities please? Thanks heaps, I’ve loved looking through your site!

  • Rachel Davis

    Thanks for the link, Emma. I have found that the problem with running two separate, competing programs (Faith in God and Cub Scouts) is *not* getting the tasks accomplished. In fact, most Cubs activities and most Faith in God activities are ALL already things I do at home with my children, or that my children do at school, or that my children accomplish through an extra curricular sport or musical instrument. The problem is with checking off, tracking or giving “credit” to my children for learning or completing these achievements. I think that is why I’m always so frustrated with Cubs–to me it feels like just a bunch of busy work and bureaucracy to check off and mark down and report my children’s work without ever actually doing anything I wasn’t doing already. And that all just feels like a waste of time.

  • Emma Merrick

    This may be useful to you: Where there are LDS chartered Cub Scout packs, the Cub Scout program is intended to co-ordinate with Faith in God rather than compete with it.
    See here:
    In fact, with only minor adjustments, it is possible to complete the Faith in God requirements for each year by having the boys achieve their Cub Scout ranks.
    I have a tracking sheet that I can make available to you that lists every Faith in God requirement and the corresponding Cub Scout Rank requirement for the new program that fulfils it.
    I’m a Webelos Leader in an LDS Chartered pack – the boys have to gain their Religious Knot in order to earn their Webelos Rank – understanding the connections between the two programs has decreased my stress levels.
    Once I get the other leaders on board, every boy will be right on track for earning their Faith in God by the time they join the 11 year old Scouts!

  • Andrea

    Nevermind!! I figured it out! Thanks a bunch!

  • Andrea

    I’m trying to print out the reminders, but it’s not loading. Any ideas?

  • Coral

    I never even knew I needed it until I saw it! Thanks so much.

  • Angela Malili-malo-Lauano

    This is exactly what I’m looking for, thankyou so much for your help:)

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