Easy to Print 2018 Primary Sharing Time Program

For the life of me, I do not understand why the Primary Sharing Time program booklet is limited in quantities. As far as I can ascertain, each ward gets 3. Which seems like enough unless you’d like each member of the Primary presidency (3) to get one, plus your secretary (1), plus your music leaders (we have 4–2 pianists and 2 choristers). At a minimum I’d like 8.

Not to mention what happens if someone moves or gets released and you need an additional copy.

Every. Year. I beg my little sister to please buy a couple extra copies if she sees any at Deseret Book. I live in California and there is no Deseret Book or Seagull or anything within 2 hours. So, so aggravating.

The problem with printing the full color PDF that is provided online is that (OBVIOUSLY) it is in FULL COLOR. The text is in orange! And green on green! It doesn’t print well or photocopy well in black and white. It costs $8 to print in full color!!!!

I could go on, but lets focus on solutions instead.

Here’s the solution. The complete booklet with all text in easy-to-print black and white and grayscale photos. The PDF is below.

A second solution! The complete booklet formatted into a half page booklet. The page numbers are organized so you could photocopy the pages front to back, stack the pages together and fold it in half to have a complete booklet with half as many pages. There may be some issues with this depending on how your printer handles 2-sided printing, but it works with my set up here.

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  • Tami

    If you have any that were saved from previous years…THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME!! Seriously, word for word as the one from the year 2013 is the one for 2018. Even the same pictures on the inside 🙂 They just print a new cover and put the new year. Save yours! Keep them in your primary closet in the building and save them for the next time this theme is used which will be five years from now. If you don’t have a distribution center near you…you can always download the PDF version from It can be on your mobile device. Also, try calling the distribution center. I called mine and they mailed me 4 more copies. Good luck!!

  • Laura Toombs

    thanks so much. I agree with everyone else, our music people and secretary really need a copy. thank for sharing

  • Anna Lewis

    Just a follow up– It was so great to be able to hand copies out to my new music leaders and my secretary. It really is so helpful. Thanks again!

  • Melinda Van Komen

    All I do is complain. But you? You give us a solution! Thank you!

  • Kyra Harmon

    Its wonderful people like you who figure this stuff out for us! SOOOOOO THANNKKKKK YOUOUUUUU!!!!

  • Anna lewis

    You are the absolute best! Thank you Soooooooo much!

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