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Scripture Master printables from The Mormon Home This morning, as promised, I’m sharing a complete set of printables for the D&C scripture mastery verses. These are the verses that the teenagers will be studying this year in seminary and they are formatted to print horizontally, one per page, in black and white. Last year I printed them off and we would review one each week as part of Family Home Evening (or sometimes at Sunday dinner). Then I posted it at the top of the stairs for a week or so. I also printed an extra to put on the mirror in the boys bathroom. Did it change everything about our family and make us all scriptorians? Nope. But it was a nice, subtle reminder of the “big picture” goals we are aiming for, young and old alike. We all read and re-read the verses a few times during the week and hopefully something sunk in! This year I’ll be posting it on our magnet board/command center at the bottom of the stairs, on the way out the door to the garage. Scripture Mastery in the wild I hope you’ll find them useful too. Be sure to download the PDF and print from your downloaded copy, not the preview version. Let me know you if you have any problems! I’d be happy to e-mail you a PDF copy.

Click here if you’re looking for the Book of Mormon scripture mastery verses, originally posted at my family blog here.

Oh! I also meant to share these links. Here’s the official LDS Scripture Mastery cards printable from They’re designed to be printed front to back and cut up, 10 per page. At the end of the PDF printable there’s also a reading log. The official full page version is here and it’s super text heavy, but it includes all the seminary commentary if you’re interested.

D&C Scripture Mastery printables, 1 per page, easy to print and photocopy

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  • Allison

    Thank you so much for sharing! I have been looking for this and found your site on Pinterest. I will use these to have my kids memorize a scripture weekly on their vision boards. You are amazing!

  • Silene Walters

    I hope you do the Old Testament scripture mastery soon. You make them look beautiful and my students love them. Thanks in advance

  • Rachel Davis

    Wow, thanks for the note, Naomi! I am serious when I thank you for *your* work in spreading and sustaining the gospel in New Zealand. It’s easier to throw together some scripture mastery printable than to teach seminary every day! I just love seminary teachers. Thank you!

  • Naomi

    Hi Rachel, I double testify to all the comments left above. Please know that your work has touched the lives of some 13 seminary students (+plus one teacher) all the way in Hamilton, NZ. Thank you so much!

  • Sam

    Thank you these are really good:- )thank you for taking the time to share !

  • Silene Walters

    I hope you will make some for the Old Testament. You do beautiful work and bless the lives of us who are not as talented. Thank you in advance. Can’t wait to see them

  • Dana

    Hello! I am trying to find the single page with all 25 SMs from Pinterest. This is the first I have seen your page and I wish I had seen it much sooner! Wow! Very wonderful things here. Thank you! Please let me know how to access the “one pager” unless I understood it incorrectly! Thanks!

  • Rachel Davis

    Brynn, you made my night! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment 🙂 I’m so glad your little one is enjoying the printables, but especially that she is learning scripture verses! How fabulous. Thank you!

  • Brynn

    Hi, Rachel! I never, ever leave comments (well, hardly ever), BUT I just had to to tell you that your beautifully designed scripture mastery printables have literally been an answer to my prayers. I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate the scriptures more in our home and in the life of my two-year-old, but nothing’s been working. She straight-up tries to close the Book of Mormon every time I try and open it, and she definitely isn’t digging on those illustrated versions of the scriptures that I bought at Deseret Book, either. For a couple months we printed out a single verse of scripture and recited it together, and that seemed to work ok.

    So, I went online trying to find an easy way to convert some of the scripture mastery verses into large print knowing full well that for me these “easy” tasks always end up taking forever. I am not a crafty person, but I love beautiful, well-designed things, so when I came across your printables I wanted to jump for joy! I printed them out, got them laminated, and put the “men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause” scripture to song (something that I remembered worked great with the Sunbeams when I was a Sunbeam teacher) and it was a total hit! My daughter likes to carry around the laminated printable and sing the song and point to the words.

    I’m so stoked. I’m pretty sure this must be what it feels like to be the King of the World. Or something. Anyway, you can see why I don’t leave comments. But thank you, thank you so very much for your hard work on these and for you willingness to post them. The answer to the question, “Have you done any good in the world today?” is a resounding YES!!

  • Laura Kaloi

    Bless you! I am a new seminary teacher and your resources are extremely helpful – and thanks for not charging!

  • Molly

    YOU ARE AMAZING!! THank you so much for making these available to download. Your hard work is so appreciated and will make a marked difference in our family’s scripture study!

  • Linda

    Rachel, Thank you for your time and effort to create these beautiful and well thought out scripture mastery helps. I love that you were mindful with which words you emphasized and enlarged. Well done!! And Thank You!! I will use these with both my seminary aged children and the younger siblings. All the best to you!!

  • Tatum

    Just wanted to let you know I have passed on the link to these to my CES supervisor (not sure what the official title for that would be! lol) He came to observe me on Wednesday and was SO impressed with these! I have a whole corner of my classroom dedicated to SM. I also use your classroom set to hand out to the students to take home.

    Thank you thank you thank you, again!

  • Kenya Summerville

    I am having trouble opening your PDF . Could you email it to me pretty please. I am looking for the scripture mastery printables.

  • Laura B

    Hi Rachel! These are so fabulous…can’t wait to use them for my class! Did you post the smaller sizes already? I couldn’t seem to find them!

  • Amy T

    I came to your blog through a link-back at Keepapitchinin. I’m enjoying your blog and have added it to my reader. Wonderful print outs! I’ve printed out one of these and put it on the door for the start of school on Monday and the start of early morning seminary on Tuesday and will print the rest of them out for the rest of the school year. Thank you!

  • Cheryl

    Thank you so much! I am an early morning seminary teacher, and these are perfect for my room!

  • Katrina Guzman

    Are these the old scripture mastery cards for one per page. D&c

  • Catrina

    Hi Rachel, these are awesome! I am very excited to use them in my seminary classes as well. I am very interested in the smaller sizes to give to the students. I will definitely check back later this week as I saw your comment to Tatum. Thank you for your work and sharing it with us!

  • amy

    thank you so much! I usually do something like this but you saved me some time this year and for that I say “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

  • Rachel Davis


    I am working on a set that are smaller for just that purpose 🙂 Check back later this week.

  • Tatum

    Hi Rachel! THESE ARE AWESOME! Thank you for sharing! I found your blog via Pinterest, and I am sure I will be returning :] I was recently called as one of the Seminary teachers in my stake. Do you have these available in quarter sheet sized? (4 per page?) I would love to print out a smaller version and give them to my students each week. I think I will encourage them to put them on their mirrors, just like you did for your family!)

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