D. y C. Scripture Mastery Printables in Spanish

Scripture Mastery printables in Spanish

I felt compelled to produce the Doctrine and Covenants scripture mastery printables in Spanish. It’s something I thought about all summer. And then for the last week or two, I’ve been starting other blog projects and stalling. And dragging my feet. And getting distracted. And I kept thinking about these Spanish printables! That’s never happened before.

So, I finally took the hint and dug into this project. I did my very best to get all the accents in the proper places and place the focus on the proper words (my Spanish is poor and rusty, but has an easy auto translate which helped a lot). Feel free to drop me a note if you find errors or if I’ve inadvertently emphasized the wrong phrase in the verses–I could use the pointers!

Find the original list of verses in Spanish here.

ESP 4-3Would you like them in the convenient, smaller size? Click below.


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