Book of Mormon Doctrinal Mastery 2017

As promised, I put together a set of Doctrinal Mastery printables for The Book of Mormon. These are scriptural references that LDS seminary students will be studying during 2017.

Obviously these work well in a seminary classroom, but I use these often for FHE and this year I’ll be throwing them in letters and packages I send to my missionary son, too.

There’s also a set here that are sized to a quarter page. The first set is what I call “personal” so if you printed seven pages you’d have all 25.

And then this set is what I call a “classroom” set. It has only one scripture per page, so it’s 25 pages with four of the same scripture per page. It would work well if you wanted to print the smaller size off for a whole classroom.

Then there’s a quick one page printable with the icons and a summary phrase. I think this is perfect for study and review.

I know I’ve mentioned before how much I appreciate seminary teachers. They played a fundamental role in my son Josh’s testimony. I know it’s different depending on the person and the circumstance, but for a variety of reasons Josh’s seminary teachers were much more influential on him than his Young Men or Sunday School leaders. I am so grateful seminary filled the void.

When I make any additions to the Book of Mormon Doctrinal Mastery set, I’ll just add them to this post. I find it makes Pinterest link backs easier and keeps everything in one spot. So the next variation is the condensed one-page printable. The text is very small but if your printer is worth it’s salt, it’ll be readable.

New Testament Doctrinal Mastery flashcards

new-testament-doctrinal-mastery-flashcardsI got a sweet plea from a dedicated Seminary teacher to put together the New Testament Doctrinal Mastery flashcards! Here they are. The first 7 pages are the images and the doctrinal summary, the next 7 pages are the scriptural references.

The flashcards are designed to fit a quarter page. There is tons of white space to make it super easy to photocopy front to back. Even if your copy machine or printer is a little off, you should still be just fine.

reversed-for-easy-photocopyI designed them the same way as last year: the references are reversed so that they will photocopy correctly (I hope my image above with the numbers makes sense). Let me know if you have any questions!

Doctrinal Mastery Scriptures for New Testament 2016

Doctrinal Mastery for 2016 LDS SeminaryAs per tradition, I put together an easy-to-print set scriptures for seminary. In 2016 the church is moving towards a “Doctrinal Mastery” program. I am sure there will be some changes, but the seminary teachers I spoke to are planing to emphasize these doctrinal mastery verses in ways that are similar to the scripture mastery verses. They are hoping to display the verses and work on memorizing them with their seminary classes. I formatted each verse in a way that is clean and simple, along with an icon that I hope captures an important doctrinal element of the verse itself. They are black and white so they should be easy to photocopy.

I have a freshman in early morning seminary this year (hello again, 5:50 am) so I am happy to have a set of these printables around the house. I really like to have the whole set ready to print at the beginning of the year and then we can easily incorporate them into FHE or scripture study as a family without much prep.

The full set of 25 are available in a PDF below. Over the course of the next few weeks I’ll¬†reformat these into quarter page sizes.¬†Check out the past three sets (for Old Testament, D&C and Book of Mormon) in the “Scripture Study” tab of this website.

I like to keep editing and adding to this specific post with New Testament Doctrinal Mastery helps. I think it makes it simpler for all Pinterest links to lead here and for readers and teachers to find everything in one place. The first edit is an update on John 3:5! I think the imagery is easy to interpret. But just in case you’re sensitive to confusion with the infant baptism doctrine, there’s another version available below!

John 3 and 5 alternate

Next up is the quarter page size of all 25 (plus the alternate image) New Testament doctrinal mastery verses. I really like this size a lot: very portable. There are two variations. First is what I call the individual set: it’s 7 pages with all 26 (plus 1) scriptures formatted to fit four-per-page. You can see what I mean below.

New Testament Individual quarter page

The next one I call the classroom version. It’s the same size (quarter page, four-per-page) but there are four of the same verse on each page. So it’s more like what you’d copy for a classroom. There are 26 total pages (25 plus the edit).

NT Printables classroom set

Ok, here’s a set of the doctrinal mastery scriptures all on one page.Doctrinal Mastery One Page

This one has the girl being baptized image rather than the “baby” for John 3:5.

The flashcards are available! Click here for a post explaining how they are designed, or click below for the PDF document with the two sided flashcards.


Here’s a copy of all the images on one page with the simplified doctrinal explanation below. I think it’s great for a study guide.

Old Testament Bookshelf

Old Testament 1 bookshelfI’m interested in trying to find ways to teach the children at church the books of scripture: I want them to know the names of all the books of scripture in order! My plan is to print a whole set of 18×24 mini posters (I think there will be 6 when I’m all finished) and cover a blackboard with a “bookshelf” of the books of scripture. The Book of Mormon set is already available here.

I designed the image with the size of the books of scripture themselves in mind. They’re not to scale, exactly, but if a book has more chapters it is larger, thicker, and taller and if it is a small book (like Ruth) it’s little. I’m a very visual learner, so this kind of imagery helps me so much in remembering this kind of stuff!

The Old Testament is long so there are two shelves (New Testament will be like this too). This image is available in three sizes, all PDFs, all full color.

Old Testament Part 1 Coloring Page

Each bookshelf image is also available in black and white, easy to photocopy and use as a coloring page. There’s also one that has all the names of the books omitted, which is meant to be used to test and practice the order of the books. Hopefully the different formats will help the kids learn the order of the books.

But, you know, the Old Testament is loooong. It has to have two “shelves” to fit them all. Here’s Part 2!

Old Testament Part 2 bookshelf

I hope it’s apparent that the colors and styles all go together, but there aren’t any exact repeats of colors and styles. In the same way, each book of scripture is different…

Here are the various sizes for Old Testament bookshelf part 2, all PDFs, all full color.

Old Testament Coloring Page part 2And then, of course, there are the versions you can photocopy for part 2 of the Old Testament Bookshelf.


Book of Mormon Bookshelf


The theme for Primary in 2016 is I Know the Scriptures are True. So I’ve been spending lots of time thinking about how we’ll be implementing that theme for our primary. I think we’ll do a reading program (I designed one that is available for purchase on the Sugardoodle store if you’re interested) to encourage daily study. We’ll also print the poster sized “scripture pages” for a bulletin board at the front of the room.

I’m interested in helping the kids memorize the order of the books of scripture. We have lots of bulletin board space, so I’m thinking I’ll create a “library” on one of the bulletin boards by printing five or six 18×24 full color mini posters of all of the books of scripture. I think it’ll end up costing about $20 to print them all.

Book of Mormon Bookshelf printable

I’m a really visual person, so I think being able to reimagine the books of scripture visually could help some kids remember their names and order. I also designed this poster so that the sizes of the books are actually related to the length of the books themselves. It’s not to scale, exactly, but the larger books, like Alma, 1st and 2nd Nephi, all have more chapters. The smaller books, like Enos, Jarom, Omni, and Word of Mormon are all only one chapter long. This full color PDF printable is available below in various sizes.

For our bulletin board, I’m planning on have a shelf (poster) for the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price, and the New and Old Testaments. We’ll see how this evolves, but I think there may be more than one shelf for the books of the Bible. These images will all be¬†available in letter, legal, and 18×24 sizes. I plan to print them at 18×24 and cover a whole bulletin board with our scripture “library.” Stay tuned for the Bible, D&C and Pearl of Great Price bookshelves! They take quite a bit of time to put together, but I’ll get to all of them before January, I promise.

Book of Mormon bookshelf coloring page B

I also made a couple of coloring sheets that are easy to photocopy. One has the names of the books, one doesn’t: obviously, use the one called “Fill in the Blank” to color and also write in the names of the books, in order.

The Old Testament Bookshelves are now done! Click here to check them out.


Get More Out of Conference bookmark

Get More Out of Confernce bookmarks

I sat down to put together a worksheet for my Primary kids for General Conference and this is what came out. A bookmark! For teens or adults. Oh well! Sometimes you’ve just got to go with inspiration when it hits.

The content for this bookmark came from an article titled Ideas for Personal Study. I think most of the tips are intended for someone who is reviewing conference talks, but I like the idea of having this little bookmark handy with a notebook and a pencil *during* conference as well. We’re reminded to “take notes” during conference, but this little bookmark offers several very specific, original ways to think about the content that is being delivered.¬†You could apply a different approach to each talk or keep a few running lists as you’re listening. I think this list is a good reminder that there are various¬†simple¬†ways to make conference a better, more individualized experience.

The bookmark is 3×7, with .5 inch around all the borders and in between each bookmark. Photocopy these onto colored card stock if you’re feeling fancy (a bright neon would be fun, I think).

Stay tuned for a Primary worksheet, I guess! I’ll be making one for our Primary and I’ll share it here too.

Old Testament Scripture Mastery Flashcards

Old Testament simplified

I’ve had several requests for flashcards with the Old Testament graphics and summary on one side and the reference on the other! The requests were for varying sizes (some would prefer a half page size) but in the end I decided to format them at quarter page size. I think they are big enough that they would be easy to enlarge if you wish, but they work as a desk set for individual students.

On one side is the graphic and summary, and on the other side is the scripture reference. They are basically the version above, just formatted with the summary and graphic on one side and the scripture reference on the back. I designed it so the scripture reference would print in the same spot as the summary so hopefully you can’t read it while you’re studying, because the summary text is in the way. Still, I would print these on card stock weight paper. Put them on neon to wake up those seminary students in the morning!

If you want to see all of the variations that are available for this Old Testament Scripture Mastery set, click to this original post which I’ve been updating with additions.

Old Testament Flash Cards Quarter PageThere are 14 pages in this PDF! Because there are 25 scripture mastery verses for the Old Testament. Page 1 is designed to go along with Page 2 (one side is the front, the other side is the back) and Page 3 goes with Page 4, Page 5 goes with Page 6 and so forth. I made the graphic above to explain that even though Page 1 and Page 2 go together, Page 2 is the mirror image of Page 1. This makes it possible to easily print or photocopy them back-to-back. I hope that makes sense!

One final note. There were a couple of comments about the shortened summary phrases I used in this simplified set. I pulled these phrases from the Scripture Mastery Cards online *not* the Old Testament bookmark. The wording is slightly different. I checked with my son as to which version they were using and he said they use the text from the Scripture Mastery Card, so I went with that one. I am sure both are acceptable. Sorry if your seminary is using the other one!

Antiguo Testamento: Pasajes de dominio de las Escrituras Printables

I’d love to write this whole post in Spanish, but even with Google translate by my side, I don’t think I’m up to it!

Antiguo Testamento Pasajes de dominio de las Escrituras2

I’m sure you can work out that I’ve put the Old Testament scripture mastery printables into Spanish. There is a set that is a full page, available below.

Antiguo Testamento Escrituras

I also put them onto one page, much smaller, like you see above.

Old Testament Scripture Mastery Four-per-page: Classroom Set

Old Testament Scripture Master Classroom Set

I had a friend of the website ask if I was going to post a copy of the Old Testament scriptures mastery printables with the same verse, formatted 4-per-page. I put the Doctrine and Covenants printables together this way last year and she photocopied them on different colors for her class. I love that idea!

So here’s a set for Old Testament: resized to fit them on four-per-page.

By the way, I’ve added all the variations of the Old Testament scripture mastery options to the original post, here. So if you click over to that post, you can explore seven different options for these printables all in one place.

Also, the search box on this site is quite robust. It is how I quickly find older posts! So if you are ever looking for something on this website and it’s not organized where you would think, try out the search engine. It will treat you well.

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