Merry Christmas 2016!

2016 was full of new chapters for the Davis family. Our first high school graduate and subsequently our first college drop off. My first job since college! I’ve been working part time since spring. We have our first Eagle Scout. Our last preschool graduation. We became a band family (that’s a thing) because Lucas plays the euphonium in the high school marching band. We had an epic trip to Lake Powell. Lots of Disneyland. EFY. Basketball. Pioneer Trek. Refugee Relief. Yoga. Lots of low brass. Lots of noise! Lots of boys.

We’ve never been so busy. I feel like we’ve never juggled so many big changes for so many of us. I’m learning to find a new kind of balance. Grappling with the necessity to choose best rather than good. Coming to terms with living in the middle of life, where the end seems closer than the beginning. Leaning in to the changes makes it easier to say: 2016. Was. Awesome.

With love from my family to yours, Merry Christmas.

Once I Was a Beehive October 16!

Once I Was a Beehive Oct 16This movie was all over the place in Utah this summer and thanks to its success in the Beehive state, it’s now available in select theaters nationwide! Once I Was a Beehive is hitting SoCal this weekend (October 16th!), so I thought I’d give you a heads up. Check their website for locations–it’s all over the country.

I thought it was a really sweet show, perfect for a Girls Night Out with your tweens or your Young Women’s presidency. The reviews have been super positive, click here for a great summary. Sure, it’s predictable in the same way Girls Camp is predictable–there are teenage girls laughing and crying, staying up too late, dorky dress ups and long hikes! Girls Camp never changes. But the characters in the film are grounded in reality in a way that is unique for Mormon comedies (I especially like the lead, Paris Warner) and the cringe factor is very, very low. It’s not really a movie for friends from other faiths, but it will definitely bring back a flood of familiar memories from camp or service in the Young Women’s organization. It’s refreshing in that it’s respectful, in most ways, of the flaws and foibles of the women who run Girls Camp and the girls who attend. There’s some gentle teasing, but the movie finishes strong and celebrates the honest motivations behind the crazy skits, crafts, and planning.

If you love Girls Camp or Young Women, if you miss Utah (the scenery in the film captures those amazing canyons), or if you like it when Mormons create entertainment that is sympathetic to our culture without being too syrupy sweet, get out to Once I Was a Beehive this weekend. It may not be in theaters long, so if you have any interest make time to go and show your support for our Mormon artists!

Girls Camp 1990

Is this a still from the movie? Oh no. This is me at Girls Camp in 1990, with braces. It really. never. changes. This was during my fourth year. (PS: I loved that pink jacket–it was a Bugaboo winter jacket with a removable inner lining. Super rad.)

Pioneer Day

California does not celebrate the day when the first company of saints entered the Salt Lake Valley. Around here it was just a normal, hot summer day which we filled with a trip to Ikea, laundry and painting. (I’m painting a bunk bed green. I swore I’d never have another bunk bed, nor paint one, but Ikea! With your $159 bunk beds! I couldn’t resist.)

However. Randy and I did give talks in our new ward last week about the pioneers. I won’t post the whole thing here, but I did send an excerpt over to Your LDS Blogs for their Pioneer Week celebrations. So. If you need a little more pioneer commemoration in your summer, head on over to partake.

I have lots of thoughts and feelings about the pioneers, but in summary: I like them and I am pleased they kept journals so I could feel connected to their legacy.

Duck, Duck, Truth Party Game

duckducktruth2Okay friends, here’s a fun and silly party idea that would work well for Singing Time, a Primary class, Cub Scouts or Activity Days, or a youth group activity. My husband came up with the name “Duck, Duck, Truth” as we were brainstorming ideas for a Quarterly Primary activity. (Remember those?) The title is so catchy and hilarious that I immediately came up a with a game for the kids based on these fun rubber ducks!

It’s easy to create your own game. Decide what subject you’d like to test. This would be a good way to learn more about the speakers at General Conference, a fantastic get-to-know-you game, a singing time game, or even a lesson review in class. For each person or item of your subject, come up with two truths and one lie. If you’re using this game for singing time, you could have two phrases that come from the song and one phrase that does not. If you’re doing a get-to-know-you game, each person could come up with their own truths and lies and write them down for you. You’ll need one rubber duckie for each person or item: I get them for .59 each at my party store and I use about a dozen for my games.
ducksThen write the name of each person or item on the bottom of a duck. When your game is ready, call up a player to choose a duck and read the name or item on the bottom. The host of the game then tells two truths and one lie about the named person/item and the player must guess which one is the lie.

I think these little rubber duckies are so cute that you could really theme a whole celebration around them. Whether or not you actually play Duck, Duck, Goose is up to you!

Fun and Games: What’s the Word?

I spend a lot of time driving my car, but I spend even more time waiting for my kids while sitting in my car. Waiting for piano to be finished or a basketball practice that has run late. It gives me plenty of time to play those fun and silly games on my phone! One of these days I may chat about which I like best, but 4-Pics-1-Word is a favorite. When I was playing the other day, I thought it would be really fun to have a Mormon-themed one to play with all those weird Mormon words.

So here is the first Mormon themed “What’s the Word” that I created myself! Obviously, it’s not an actual app (you can’t type into it or anything, it’s just an image made to look like the game). I’m sure you’ll guess it quickly: look at the pictures and figure out the word they share in common from the letters shown at the bottom.

I thought I’d post one of these every Friday for a while. When I’ve created a dozen or so, I’ll gather the graphics all into one post and you could use them for a youth activity or FHE.



I’d love to know if it’s too hard or too easy? Can you get it? Log your guess in the comments.

Hey There.

Hello, friends!

Welcome to The Mormon Home.SketchesOpt

The site is a culmination of ideas I’ve had since I started blogging in 2008. One morning I stopped thinking about what I’d like to do on this site and started making notes in a red, spiral bound notebook on my bedside table. That little notebook is now full of ideas that will be spilling out here on WordPress! In homage to my first scribbles and sketches, I’m sharing a few of my logo design ideas as one of my very first posts.

I’ll post ideas for celebrating the Mormon life: printables, quotes, recipes, and party inspiration. There are a lot of notes and plans sketched out for the coming year in my notebook, so add The Mormon Home to your reader and follow along.