Career Night for Cub Scouts and Activity Days

This year we hosted a Career Night for our Cub Scouts and Activity Day children. We combine all the 8-12 year old children for this kind of activity about once or twice a year. This is something I plan way in advance with our Cub and AD leaders and it replaces a pack meeting or activity.

For the event, we invited four members of our ward to talk about how developing talents through school or other work is meaningful. We had a Disney artist, a firefighter, a marketing manager, and a TV production assistant (we are adjacent to Los Angeles, ha ha). I prepped our visitors with four questions:

1) Name and what you do (include dad/mom/family here as well)

2) What was your very first job? or What was your favorite job?
3) What kind of preparations did you do for your job (or whatever kind of work/life you’re doing)
4) What other talents and skills have you developed that make you more useful in the kingdom of God?
Even though the kids are only 8-11 years old, I really wanted to drive home two ideas. 1) Education and preparation is important. 2) The more you can do, the more helpful you can be. Plan to develop a variety of skills that you can use at work, home, and church.
I began the night with the idea that our life is a long journey and you’re going to have to cover long distances. If you have a pair of sneakers, you’re going to be better prepared to walk a long way. If you are even better prepared and you have a bike, you’re going to go a lot farther a lot faster. If you’ve really put in the time, saved the money, and are willing to do the work you can get a CAR. This will take you much farther and it will even allow you to take others along with you. When you are well prepared with schooling and hard work, you will be well prepared to go as far as you need to go and take friends and family with you!
We set up the room so that each child was sitting at table with a chair (seminary meets in our room during the week, so we have these cool thin tables available). We gave each kid the worksheet above to doodle on and fill out during the interview, along with some colored pencils. It’s large: 11×17 because I wanted something a little different and memorable for the kids to work on.
I put together a flyer to advertise our event that I’m sharing here just in case you want to use it. The PDF below has a blank blue box (no pizza icon, either). You’ll have to add your own text in PDF or some other kind of image editing software.
I also enlarged and reprinted all of the icons you see above for our event and taped them up to a rolling whiteboards that we have in our building. You can see them above, behind our panel. They served as backdrop for our speakers. There are 20 of them and they are available below. I didn’t create these icons: the original artist is and I got them at
If you’re interested in something a bit more sophisticated, check out this Career Interest Survey. It’s better suited for ages 12 and up, in my opinion. Check it out, though, if you’re looking for something a bit more complex.

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