Career Interest Inventory

Career Interest Inventory printable

About ten years ago while we lived in Colorado I was a counselor in Young Women with a president named Julie Cox. She was a great YW leader! Once she taught a lesson about preparing for a career and kicked off the discussion with this Career Interest Inventory. I’ve kept a tattered photocopy for all these years and I knew at some point I would want to polish it up and share it here.

It’s not comprehensive or conclusive (no career quiz can *really* tell you what to do for the rest of your life) but I really like the lists of career opportunities and categories–I think they are eye opening. I also think self quizzes are a practical way to invite some self reflection.

This quiz would be useful for various lessons in Young Women or Young Men or for Family Home Evening. The printable is two full pages (copy them back to back if you can) and a page with two half-page sheets to make it easier to total up your answers.


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  • Rachel Davis

    Julie, you taught me everything I know! Thanks for this Career Inventory and everything else I learned from you. Hope your lesson goes well!

  • J. Cox

    I made the blog! I made the blog! (I wish had had .000009% of your talent!) FYI – I’m using/stealing quite a bit of your blog content for my R.S. lesson this Sunday. Thanks for making it easy to teach!

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