Business Card sized Scripture Reading Charts

Feast Upon the Words Scripture Reading business cardsAt the risk of revealing too much (look away if you’re in my Primary!) I’m sharing a fun scripture reading chart that we’ll be doing next year. The size makes them super inexpensive and light on preparation. I’m sharing it now in case any of you would like to use it in your ward for the 2016 Primary theme “I Know the Scriptures are True.”

The key difference is that this little (tiny) reading chart is designed to fit on BUSINESS CARDS. This is special because it means the whole project is very low on labor and cost: big win. You can print business cards very inexpensively at Staples, Vistaprint, and really hundreds of other places online. My Staples printing center has a permanent deal for 500 business cards for $10. It just doesn’t get any less expensive for a full color print.

I decided the possibility for one reward per month was the right timing. I didn’t want to give out just one reading chart for the whole year because I am realistic enough to know that one chart is going to get lost, the kids will lose interest, and there’s no way one reward or punishment per year could motivate them. But even a simple black and white bookmark for each child for each month would mean I’d be photocopying, cutting and organizing potentially 1200 bookmarks. Gah.

So I think these business cards are the *perfect* solution. They are so inexpensive, the work is already done when you pick them up, and they are still appealing and fun for children. They are also big enough to serve as bookmarks or to underline scriptures. $20 will be enough to cover all the bookmarks for my whole Primary for the whole year.

One other note. There are 30 food items because there are usually 30 days in a month. I’m not going to worry about days that have 28 or 31. The point is to encourage the kids to read consecutively. If they miss a day, they can just start reading again as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if it takes one month to complete a card or if it’s spread out over a few months. Once all 30 images are colored in, they can turn in their card, pick up a reward and get a new card.

They’re really easy to make. Just download the PDF below and print it at your copy shop! Done and done. The PDF is designed with bleeds on all four sides which shouldn’t affect your cost at all.

I had some business card samples printed this weekend. While the food images are small, they still totally work for our tracking purposes and they are very cute!

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 9.20.00 PM

If you’re printing this at home on card stock, here’s a one page printable with 10 business cards per page.

Finally, if you’re interested in this design but don’t want to do the business cards, I put together a four-per-page handout that is formatted a little bit bigger. It would be easy to make photocopies and use for your Primary. Check out the post about that here.


I’m also going to put up a bulletin board with this exact same theme, partly to reinforce and encourage scripture reading, partly because it’s on theme, and partly because I designed an easy way for the kids to participate! I’ve put together a 15 page PDF with 15 different items of food seen above but in a larger size–about the size of a standard sheet of paper. I printed off a few copies of each page on white card stock and I’m handing them out this week to various teachers. I’m hoping the kids can color them in class and return them to me and then I’ll put them up around the edges of the bulletin board. Make sense? The kids get to color them in and they’ll be around the edges of the board, the title of the bulletin board will be “Feast Upon the Words,” and the scripture 2 Nephi 32:3 will be in the center.

The printable coloring pages are below.

As far as rewards go, you can really choose anything that would work for your Primary kids. We try to avoid candy as much as possible, so I’ve decided that the rewards each month will be 1-inch buttons with various church related designs. You can get these made on Etsy, $40 for 200 buttons. Below is a sampling of the buttons I’m having made that the kids will be able to choose from. It’s a mix of images from The Friend, Gospel Art images, and some simple graphics I think the kids will like.1 Inch Button Examples

They get to choose one button when they turn in their completed business card. When they do so, I plan to ask each child what they’ve learned from their reading. If they are willing to share what they’ve learned, I’d like them to share a few brief thoughts about their scripture study during opening exercises.

Each child will also receive one button with the “Feast Upon the Words” theme at the beginning of the year. I hope they’ll put it somewhere that might remind them to read. It could also go on their scripture bag or school backpack or on their jean jacket. (I had a jean jacket with buttons when I was in junior high. Ha!) If you want to use this image to make your own buttons feel free to grab the image below!

Click over to this post about attaching these buttons to a card stock card if you’re interested. button design tutorial

I hope these ideas could give you another fun direction to go if you’re still thinking about how you want to handle the Primary theme next year! Good luck, friends!

Scripture Reading Chart designed in Business Card size

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  • Andrea Urban

    Rachel, These buttons were a huge hit with our primary. I’m in YW now and have another button project for camp certification, Would you be willing to email your button template page one more time? I can’t find it in my files

  • Ann

    So I ordered the buttons (darling) and need to get more and can’t remember where I ordered them from. Please help.

  • Rachel Davis

    They are 1 inch buttons! I think you could probably print them at 125% to get them the size you need? I’ll email the file to you and you can check it out.

  • Kenna Hendricks

    Our primary was looking for some kind of summer reading plan. This fits the bill! love this idea, so creative. Could I get your picture file for the buttons too? Our button maker is 1.25″. Is that what they are? Thank you!

  • Rachel

    Me too! Would you email me the document for printing your buttons?

  • Alison Harding

    Thanks for Sharing!! Could you please send me the artwork page for the buttons and the information on the Esty shop you use to get the buttons made! Thanks so much!!

  • Michelle Carpenter

    Thank you SO much! We are excited to get our YW excited to read the scriptures. We will be printing them at the copy store , so we would like the 10 per page version. If it isn’t too much work, we would like it to say, “Mark your item for each day you feast upon the scriptures. Return your completed card for a reward. 2 Nephi 31:20”

  • Dawn Lauti

    Thank you for sharing all of this! I know a lot of time goes into designing things like this!! I’ve already got my business cards printed and ready to go but I love these buttons too! Would you mind sending me the artwork page for the buttons also! Will I be able to adjust the sizes of buttons – I have a friend making them but has a 1 1/2″ button maker I believe. Thank you! My email:

  • Rachel Davis

    I’d be happy to just switch the text (unless you have Adobe Illustrator, you won’t be able to edit it, lmk). Are you planning on printing them at home or sending them to the copy shop? Just trying to figure out which file would be best for you guys, the full page version with 10 per page or just the PDF. Let me know! I’d be happy to help.

  • Michelle Carpenter

    Our YW group loves this idea! I wondered if you could email me an editable copy so that we could change it to “come to the YW leader for a prize”, instead of the primary? Thank you! Michelle

  • Ann Forsey

    I’ve received a thousand business cards from Staples and began passing them out the 1st Sunday of the year! So exciting. I would love to receive the files for all the buttons and also the Etsy shop info. This is brilliant.

  • Kristan

    I absolutely love this and thank you in advance for sharing your talents. Would you please share the etsy shop with me to print the buttons. My email address is and I guess the document to print the buttons…as well as the feast button to get them started…Thank you thank you…like really thank you. Kristan

  • Rachel Davis

    Hey Emily! So glad your Primary is using the cards 🙂 I tried to email you the files but I got an error code? Do you have another email I could send it to?

  • Emilly

    I would love a copy of the document you made with the circle pictures for the buttons. This is a really good idea. I gave our primary children the cards to mark off yesterday and they were so excited. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  • JaNae

    These are great! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  • Jenny Richards

    Thank you for your fabulous ideas and creativity. You are remarkable! I would love to know what Etsy shop you used to order the buttons and the file for them. Thank you again!

    Jenny Richards

  • Becca

    What a great idea! Perfect for our small primary! I love the button ifs:) We are also thinking of ordering lanyards that have the theme printed on them so the kids have a place to keep their buttons. Like pin trading! Do you mind emailing your button pictures? Also, what store did you use on ETSY?

  • Kristin

    We have our business cards printed and ready to go and are now working on the buttons! Would you mind emailing your button pictures to me too at Thank you so much! You are inspiring!

  • Elise

    I would love to know what Etsy shop you used to order the reward buttons. Thanks so much! I just found your site today and it’s helping out so much with planning for this coming year. Thanks!

  • Camille Jones

    I would like info on the buttons as well. What shop do you use?
    We passed out our cards today and the kids are so excited! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  • Shannon

    Hi! Thank you, thank you for sharing this fabulous idea!! Would love your file/info on the the buttons if you wouldn’t mind sharing with me! Thanks!

  • Rachel Davis

    So I just took mine into Staples on a USB stick and talked through it with the guy there. You will probably need to crop it online (I think my guy did it at the copy center). There shouldn’t be any white border. My copy shop printed with a glossy finish, but matte would be better–easier for the kids to color on with various pens and markers. The version I got back has a bit of a film (gloss) on it and I think my kids will need to use a crayon or colored pencil for it to work best. Matte would be better. I hope it works for you! Our cards turned out really cute.

  • Stefani

    Hi! I’m using your business card PDF on I uploaded it and it looks like I need to crop it so there isn’t a white border. I read that you said you put the bleeds on all four sides, should I be cropping it? (The little picture of what is printing out without cropping it has a huge white border.) Also, did you just stick with Matte finish? I love your this, so excited to get the kids excited about reading their scriptures! Thank you!

  • Carrie

    These are wonderful! Is there a way to get an editable file? I would love to remove the words “for a reward” since we have so many parents who are opposed to a reward system.

  • Mary

    I would LOVE a copy of the pics you used for the buttons! What etsy shop did you use too? Can you e-mail me please? thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!!!

  • Keri Smith

    So creative! I would love the files for the buttons too. Thanks!!!

  • audrey spencer

    hi! this is so great. thank you for sharing. i am also interested in the complete button set if you wouldn’t mind sharing. thanks! Audrey

  • Rachel Davis

    Ashley! I just updated the post with two links so you can download the Feast Upon the Words button. Are you interested in the complete set of buttons? If so, drop me an email and I’ll forward the complete set to you. green davis at gmail dot com.

  • Ashley

    Thank you so much for sharing this! We have been discussing the same thing for our primary so it’s such a blessing you did this! thank you thank you thank you!
    I was wondering if I could get the document for the big “feast upon the words” as well?

  • Ellice

    I love your idea! It is perfect and just what we were looking for in our presidency. We decided we wanted to challenge the kids to read The Book of Mormon, but we were struggling with a system to make that happen. Your idea is perfect! Thank you for sharing. Would you mind sharing your document for printing your buttons (both the random and feast upon the words)?

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