Book of Mormon Reading Chart

Book of Mormon Scripture Reading ChartMy oldest son is a junior this year: he’s driving, taking SAT prep classes, and setting up his schedule for his final year in high school. I’m trying to prepare myself for my first baby bird to leave the nest. I’ve been thinking a lot about stuff I need to teach him or talk about together. Before our family shifts and changes for the next phase I’d also like to┬áread the whole Book of Mormon together. I’m not sure if we’ll start this fall, with the new school year, or if we’ll get going sometime this summer. It’s on my mind, though, so I’ve been putting together a few reading charts that might work for us. I’ll share a few this week.

Just to be clear, you’re meant to fill in a circle for every chapter you read. I included a few guides to help give context to your reading: I think it’s helpful to know which chapters are the Tree of Life Vision, or Words of Isaiah, or Christ’s Ministry.

Book of Mormon Reading Charts 2 per page

This one is two per page, meant to fit more easily into a standard size scriptures.


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  • Sabrina

    I’ve printed your New Testament and Book of Mormon reading charts off for my family and for me to use. I love the design. Thank you for using your talents and for taking the time to make them!

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