Book of Mormon Doctrinal Mastery 2017

As promised, I put together a set of Doctrinal Mastery printables for The Book of Mormon. These are scriptural references that LDS seminary students will be studying during 2017.

Obviously these work well in a seminary classroom, but I use these often for FHE and this year I’ll be throwing them in letters and packages I send to my missionary son, too.

There’s also a set here that are sized to a quarter page. The first set is what I call “personal” so if you printed seven pages you’d have all 25.

And then this set is what I call a “classroom” set. It has only one scripture per page, so it’s 25 pages with four of the same scripture per page. It would work well if you wanted to print the smaller size off for a whole classroom.

Then there’s a quick one page printable with the icons and a summary phrase. I think this is perfect for study and review.

I know I’ve mentioned before how much I appreciate seminary teachers. They played a fundamental role in my son Josh’s testimony. I know it’s different depending on the person and the circumstance, but for a variety of reasons Josh’s seminary teachers were much more influential on him than his Young Men or Sunday School leaders. I am so grateful seminary filled the void.

When I make any additions to the Book of Mormon Doctrinal Mastery set, I’ll just add them to this post. I find it makes Pinterest link backs easier and keeps everything in one spot. So the next variation is the condensed one-page printable. The text is very small but if your printer is worth it’s salt, it’ll be readable.

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  • kylie

    Would it be possible for you to make a sheet between the sizes of the personal set and condensed summary sheet- maybe 8 to a page?? If not I’ll just use one of those sizes. Thanks!

  • Rachel Davis

    You’re welcome to use the summary page how ever will work for your Seminary students. I don’t think the colors are anything the church has defined or authorized in the Doctrinal Mastery Core Document (as far as I can tell). So… if you have a set of colors you like to use, go for it 🙂 I have noticed several designers use various colors for each doctrinal mastery topic. They vary between designers.

  • Wh0_Am_1

    Hello! I really like this minimalist design! Would it be all right if I modified the summary page to include the doctrinal mastery colors? P.S. If you permit me to list it, I will list this page as the source.

  • kalli

    Hi. I love what you have created. I sent an email to you last week but I’m not sure if it was the correct email. Did you receive an email from me? If not, let me know how I can connect with you for a conversation. Thank you!

  • Delene

    These are fantastic! I want flashcards like the ones you made for NT. The games Joleen described are what I’m looking for. Are you planning to post BofM flashcards soon?

  • Ember

    These are REALLY good. Simple is always best. Thank you for sharing your talent! If you meant it, I would love to be able to use them in danish. I have InDesign. My email is

  • Johanna

    Thanks so much for doing these – I too love that they are simple and easy to use. I appreciate your hard work!

  • Mary Hinsdale

    Thank you for sharing your hard work and talents with us.

  • Kathleen Thompson

    Thank you so much for giving your time and talent for us busy seminary teachers! I love your simple, clear graphics. I used them last year in my class. I could even draw the picture in chalk (and I’m no artist) and then quiz the kids on a few of them each week. Again, thanks for sharing these!

  • chickson

    love love love this simple design! Is is possible to get a docx file of the symbols alone so I can match with our rhymes? I have found the kids have much better retention with simple graphics. Thank you so much for sharing! c

  • Rachel

    Thank you! I used these last year – I appreciate the clean lines, no color ink 🙂 and the full scripture reference! This year I’m going to make bingo and matching games from the summary page for a little more review

  • Alli

    I seriously LOVE your design – clean, and don’t need to use gobs of color ink. I used a few different DM review sheets and your NT one was their absolute favorite. Thank you so much.

  • Rachel Davis

    Thank you so much, Linda and Juli. I’ll get the corrections fixed up asap! *Alright, all set. The PDF’s are all updated. Thanks again!

  • Linda Edwards

    Hey! Just noticed that on the summary page under 2 Nephi it should say THAT we should do. It’s missing the “t” on the end. Thought you might like to know 🙂 Also, any chance you will make a one page sheet with all the scriptures listed like you did for the NT? Thanks so much for all your hard work!!

  • Linda Edwards

    YAY! Been waiting for this to come out :-)) THANK YOU!!!

  • Juli

    I can’t thank you enough for your hard work and generosity in sharing these again this year! I have them up in my classroom under their respective Doctrinal topics and use them throughout the year. Just a note, I think verse 25 is missing from the 2 Ne 2:22-25 page. Thank you again!

  • Joleen

    Again – thank you! These are wonderful! Niki – I have been using Rachel’s printables for the past few years. I print and laminate the full page ones, then use magnets to attach them to the blackboard (my building is old school) and leave them on display. Then I use the quarter sheets to make flash cards (Rachel are those coming?) and I print and laminate several copies of those in bright colors. Then to get the students learning I have them pair up with a deck of flashcards. They lay them out on the desk between them – picture side up. And I call out the tagline/summary – the first to identify and grab the card gets to keep it. At the end the person with the most cards wins. We have tournaments and the kids really love it. Then once they are more advanced I call out only the reference and they have to know the associated picture. Then we do reference side up and they have to find it by the tagline. It is a great activity that grows with them during the year. Additionally when they are more familiar I use tape to block out the reference on the full size cards and time them to see if they can put all 25 in order. There are really loads of games you can play. In the past Rachel has also sent me the picture files alone (can I have those again this year please?) and I use those in jeopardy games etc. Really this set of printables becomes my entire DM game set. She used to make bingo cards (awesome!) and quizzes (which were perfect for assessments). Rachel – I tell my stake about these every year. You are really so awesome!

  • Rachel Davis

    Niki– I think your question is better asked on a FB Seminary group, to be honest. I would use them to display on the walls as I discuss doctrinal mastery (I am sure I’d color code them) and use the icons and references for games like memory and bingo.

  • Niki

    How do you actually implement this effectively in the seminary class?

  • Julie

    Thanks! I am away from my computer for a week or so but I will contact you if I find think I can adapt them once I am there. At any rate I understand!

  • Rachel Davis

    Julie– I will add it to my “to do” list but I can’t promise I will get to it. To be perfectly honest I’ll do Spanish first 🙂 My missionary is going Spanish speaking. These are created in Adobe InDesign–I am happy to send you the files if you’re interested in doing the adaptation.

  • Sina Manua

    This is awesome 😀 Thanks for sharing your talents with us! Love it 🙂

  • Julie

    Hi these look great! Any chance we could get them in french? (I could help you by sending you the text). Or I could adapt them but that depends on the program. Unfortunately there are fewer of these resources in french and I think they help a lot! At any rate I will print them out in English for my daughter.

  • Danielle

    Thank you so much; my family has found so many uses for these outside of Seminary over the past few years!

  • Kathryn Wood

    I used your New Testament cards last year for my class and loved them. Thanks for the new set!

  • Russell Simon

    Great work, Rachel! Thank you for your sharing your time, talent, effort, etc. to help bless other youth like your son Josh :o)

  • Jon Jacobson

    Hi Rachel! Nice work. I noticed that the 3 Ne 11: 10-11 Light of the world passage is missing a ‘1’. Hoping you can update it. Thanks!

  • anita

    fantastic, thanks! Shared them with the seminary teacher Facebook groups so you’ll get some traffic 😉

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