350 Alphabetical Compliments

350 Alphabetical Compliments

Last year I started making these super simple banners to celebrate birthdays in my Primary class. We do something like this at my house for birthdays: I make a big sign of their name and fill in every letter  with positive words that start with the same letter. At home the sign is made out of poster paper and each letter is two feet tall. For church I just cut out the letters freehand from colored card stock and bring twine to turn it into a banner. We fill out the letters and write a few positive notes to the birthday kid during class time.

Positive Adjectives Alphabetically

The one trick, of course, is to think of positive words for all the letters. There are many sources for this kind of thing online (google “Positive compliments for the Letter J” for example) but we get horrible WiFi at our chapel. Having a printable list of these positive words would come in handy for me at church, so I put one together to share! Click below to print out your own copy of words, A-Z that compliment and celebrate.

If you are going to do this as a class, be sure to let your kids try to come up with their own words before referring to the list. It’s super fun to try and think of words together and it’s always a crack up to hear what the kids come up with. I think this idea works well for Primary, Nursery, and Young Men and Young Women.

Birthday Banner

Here are my great kids with the sign we made a couple of weeks ago. They’re the best. You can just barely see the happy notes and positive adjectives we wrote in on the card stock letters. It’s really just a variation on a birthday card, but it’s inexpensive, a little bit out-of-the-ordinary, and it won’t give them diabetes.


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  • Julia

    Awesome idea!! Planning to use it soon. Thank you so much for sharing!



  • Kirsten Trimble

    These compliments are helping me with a ten-hour project! Thank you so much for making a list of them!

  • Jennifer Thomas

    HI! Found you through Sugardoodle on Facebook today.. and I am so glad you did!! You have great ideas! I am looking forward to exploring your blog!! Thanks !

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