2016 Primary Scripture Posters

2016 Primary Scripture Posters

I’m pretty excited about the printables I’m sharing today! I plan to use them in our Primary, but I got them prepped early so you could use them too. They are big: designed to be printed as Engineering Prints at your copy shop. I’ll walk you through that process–it’s super easy and pretty inexpensive, don’t worry!

The theme in Primary for 2016 is I Know the Scriptures are True. So I have been thinking about the various ways I plan to reinforce scripture study with our primary children. I think it’s really important and valuable for the children to feel comfortable getting around in the scriptures: the actual books as opposed to electronic versions. Don’t get me wrong, I personally carry my scriptures on my phone–I love the electronic option. But I think everyone should also (or maybe first?) know how to find verses, stories, and topics in the old school books.

I created these posters as a teaching tool to help our primary kids get more familiar with the look of scriptures. Every month we’ll switch out the poster for the new month’s verse and take a few minutes to point out where to find the name of the book, the chapter and verse, the page number, and how to use and understand the notes, dates, and cross references. I haven’t yet decided if we’ll underline the verse on the poster (with a marker or colored pencil) or if I’ll use washi tape (like you see above) to highlight the scripture of the month. I’m leaning toward the washi tape option.

See, they're really big!

See! They’re really big posters.

You’ll also note that I’ve included the yearly theme, the monthly scripture reference, and the doctrinal theme for the month on the top of each poster. The Sharing Time outline includes a couple of Articles of Faith and one verse is from The Family proclamation: these are included as well.

Check out this link for the Spanish version.


I had these printed at Staples near my house. Load the file onto a USB stick if you’re going to do it in person. They are PDF’s and that should work perfectly for the copy center. Most shops like Staples and FedEx Kinkos also allow you to upload these online. Ask for an Engineering Print. It should be less than $5. For me, the 18×24 version was $1.99 and the 24×36 was $3.89 (California prices, too. I’m guessing Utah will be cheaper.)

These files are pretty big because I wanted to be sure you get a nice crisp copy.


I figured that some of us are going to need the smaller, 18×24 version. We have a couple of HUGE bulletin boards in our Primary room, but I have served in other buildings where there isn’t as much wall space available.

I have a couple additional extras along these lines tomorrow: Articles of Faith posters, etc. Stay tuned!

Update: Click here for a few poster extras.

Check out this link for Spanish language posters.

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  • Rachel Davis

    Emilia– Thanks! Read a few of the comments above for all the details–You basically just need to save a high quality PDF to a larger, 24×36 format and print as an engineering print at a copy shop. Not hard!

  • Emilia Tacher

    This is a very clever and thrifty way to decorate the primary room or my house! I am so grateful for tech savvy people like you!! How did you do it, I want to print a few of my own scriptures church articles.

  • Dawn Lauti

    Hi Rachel! I came to check too if you might do scripture pages for 2017. I would imagine they take a lot of work! I’ll watch to see what you do with Gospel Standards. You are amazing. And our Primary loved the scripture pages too this year. Thank you!!

  • Rachel Davis

    I actually was not planning on it because the theme is Choose the Right! I did the large scriptures because of the related theme in 2016 (I know the scriptures are true). I’m going to be putting something together with My Gospel Standards because my Primary will be focusing on that document this year.

  • Annette

    Are you going to do these for 2017? I have just loved them and I am so grateful to you for doing them and sharing them with everyone.

  • Norma

    Thank you so much, this is an excellent idea and will go up on our Primary notice board for not only the children to see but also the members of the ward and parents so they can see what the children are learning this year, excellent idea thank you

  • Tania Lee

    Yay, yep it was just a lag, I just had to wait a few seconds and it opened, THANK YOU!!! Awesome thank you for that info, I will have a play with a photo editing program.
    Thanks heaps for your quick reply and info, your AWESOME!!! 🙂

  • Rachel Davis

    Tania– Thanks! The files are really big, so there is often a lag. Also, sometimes different browsers work better at loading than others. Chrome works best for me for some reason. However, I am happy to email them to you. Would you let me know which size you want? You are more than welcome to email me at greendavis at gmail dot com.

    I used Photoshop and I downloaded the original PDF from Not hard at all (a bit tedious) if you have a photo editing program you’re comfortable with. Let me know if you have more questions!

  • Tania Lee

    Hi there, first things first, Thank you so much for this idea and making it accessible to us, it is sooooo awesome! Second for some reason the links for the pages are not opening is there any chance you could send them to me to my email please?
    Also just wondering what program did you use to create the A2 pages as I was hoping to add a few things to them?
    Thank you so much!!!

  • Rachel Davis

    They are just really big, black and white prints that you can get at your copy shop (like Fedex Kinkos or Staples). They are super great because they are inexpensive for the size of poster (18×24 all the way up to 36×48) that you can have printed. I think that originally the printers were designed to print engineering layout/floorplan stuff but they’re basically just really big photocopies. The quality is not always super sharp but it is still so great for the cost. Check your copy shop! If it’s a decent size they will definitely have this option.

  • Lindzie

    Such good ideas here! Thanks for the free stuff. Also what is an engineered print?

  • Marisol Campbell

    thank you so very much for blessing my small branch with your free printable items

  • Rachel Davis

    It does! I love SoCal, but I am a transplant so I am often suspicious about the prices around here. I’m glad you’re using them!

  • Becki

    Just sent these off to Staples to be printed. They were $1.79/18×24 print here in Georgia. So hopefully that makes you feel better about your CA prices ! Thank you for sharing these–they are going to be great this year in Primary!

  • Lane

    Thank you! I just got mine printed the other day! I am so excited for this Sunday!

  • Rachel Davis

    Kristin– It’s really easy, actually! Download the PDF from (over on the right side of the page at this linK: click Download and then PDF). I used Photoshop to create a document at 24×36, 300 dpi. Then open the PDF to the correct page and copy and paste it into your new doc. That’s it! Let me know if you have other questions.

  • Kristin

    These are beautiful! How did you put them together to get the resolution you did? I’m asking because I want to do the same thing, but with both pages from the scriptures as if opened (for example, page 114 and 115 of the BofM for January). Thanks!

  • Marie Wright

    OH my goodness. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love these! Not only will they be up in our Primary room but I want them in my home.

  • Patti

    These are so so great! I am going to print today but the file looks like each month is just one page. What do I do to make it two pages just like the picture?

  • Bonnie Goodrich Wilcoxson

    These are beyond wonderful. And so are you. Thank you, thank you for the love and time and effort you’ve put into preparing these for us. I’m very grateful and I can tell by the other posts that I’m not alone. Bless you for this work.

  • Maquel

    Would you be willing to make a Spanish set of these? In our ward we have to do one bulletin board in English, and one in Spanish. I love this idea, but I can’t use it unless I can have it in Spanish also? Just thought I’d ask!

  • Christine

    Thank you so much for doing all this hard work! I was just called to be the Primary President and there is only a few weeks before the start of the next theme. This helps us tremendously. So grateful for the time that you put into this and that you were willing to share.

  • Rosene

    I had trouble with the files lagging but I found that if I clicked the download button right away, the images would load. Hope that helps. These are so wonderful! Thank you!

  • Rachel Davis

    The two sizes are 18×24 and 24×36, but you should be able to print them even smaller (on a home printer) if you mess with your printer options. Look for options like “fit to size” or scale. It really depends on your gear 🙂

  • Lisa

    how did you get them to print smaller? I would like to do mine a little smaller as you did.

  • Rachel Davis

    Tania– I just clicked through the monthly links and they are all working for me from this end! They are really big files, so they often take a second longer than other files. Also, sometimes different browsers work better than others. Chrome works with fewer glitches than Safari (for me). Best of luck! If you keep having problems, let me know and I’ll email the PDF’s over to you.

  • Tania

    This is an awesome idea, Thank you!!! Only thing is for some reason the links for each month are not working?

  • Rachel Davis

    Thanks for your comment Vicki! It is helpful to hear that you are printing different sizes from the PDFs that are saved! I am usually able to work out sizing issues on my printer, too, so I am happy to hear that you were able to do so yourself! Yay!

  • Vicki

    I love these! I printed them myself on 11″x17″ paper on my printer and they came out perfect! We are using these on our bulletin board for 2016, each month we put a new one up we will have the children use their scriptures to find the reference. Then we will talk about the scripture for a minute or so. Thank you again for the time, skill and effort you put into these posters. So beneficial.

  • Katie Pemberton

    Hey, you gorgeous SoCal gal ! Love the blond hair ! You got it from spending all that time laying by the pool reading romance novels, right ??? Miss you but can hear your sweet voice in my head through your blog ! Kisses to all the wonderful males in your family !!!!

  • Sarah Pope

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I wanted to make something like this, but didn’t quite have my thoughts together on it and then I found this. You have done such an AMAZING job! They are perfect. Thank you for sharing your idea and talent.

  • Kirstin Fellars

    Hi Rachel,
    I just spent an hour binging on your website, loving every minute. So much good stuff. Thanks for sharing your talent! We miss you guys. Kirstin

  • Deb Fraker

    I love them also. Thank you! I am thinking about using them on the Primary bulletin board!!

  • Kay Byers

    These are wonderful posters. Thank you very much for creating them. Just to let you know about an error, the scripture for November shows the wrong page of scripture. Instead of Matt 22 it is showing the end of John 1 and the beginning of John 2. I know it was difficult and time consuming to create these files and something is always bound to go wrong. 🙂

  • Rachel Davis

    That is a great question. Let me check into it! I used resources from (PDF versions of the scriptures) so it depends on whether the Spanish resources there are robust or not.

  • Diana Villeda

    Thank you so very much, we’ll use these in our bilingual English/Spanish program! Is it difficult to convert to Spanish? Thank you so much!

  • Rachel Davis

    Thanks for leaving a comment Lani! This makes my heart happy. I agree, I really think it’s important for the kids to be familiar with the format (even the font!) of our scriptures.

  • Lani Puriri

    I’m so grateful for these. We are a small branch in Raglan, New Zealand. There are usually six children in the primary ranging in age from 3-11. We’ve been using posters with just the scripture printed on them but I’ve often thought how important it is for the children to see the pages of the scriptures. With the span of ages it’s just not conducive to have the children look up the scripture each week. These will be perfect. Thank you so much for spending your time and talents to make this available. 🙂

  • Jen

    You are a genius! And my hero! These are perfect. I love them. And you! 🙂

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