2016 Cub Scout Updates

Cub Scouts just revamped their whole program. Fun!

Below you’ll find updated tracking sheets as well as a “Welcome to Cubs” booklet. It’s designed specifically for LDS Cub Scout packs, so there is no Tiger tracking and there is Religious Knot and LDS Faith in God info too. If you’re interested in a one-page Faith in God printable, I created one that is available here.

The biggest difference is that there are 3 fewer adventures required during the Webelos/Arrow of Light year, but they also shifted and reorganized almost all of the other requirements for every adventure in all three dens. Why not? The details are here and the FAQ’s are here.

Just to be clear, though, the ENTIRE program is now different. For example, check out Call of the Wild for Wolves, old compared to new. You can’t say to your den “Complete Requirement 6 in Call of the Wild.” They are completely different with this revamp. I would say about 80% of the requirements and advancements have been reshuffled and changed. I don’t think the changes will feel very different to the boys–the activities they do at den meetings will feel about the same. But the organization and tracking is VASTLY different. All the printed materials are obsolete. This is not a minor shift. Heads up.


Here’s the one-page update. This one page could follow one (LDS) child through his whole Cub Scout career. Assuming that the Cub Scouts don’t revamp the entire program again in one year. There’s also some space for various electives at the bottom. Click to get the printable below.


Then I’ve got one sheet for each pack: the Wolf and Bear dens have three tracking boxes per page. The Webelos/Arrow of Light pack has two per page. These are better suited for use with a whole den. You could fit 2-3 boys per page.

I like the simple pamphlet I put together for our pack. It explains Cubs in very broad strokes. It’s updated with the new details. It’s designed to be printed in color, two-sided, and then folded in half. I like to use this at our Baptism Preview.



Good luck!


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  • Penny

    This is wonderful! I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to re-create the tracing sheets and found your website 🙂 I would love the editable version of the tracking sheets and the welcome pages. Thanks so much.

  • NaDell Ransom

    Thank you for making these!!!

  • Melanie Davis

    These forms are wonderful – thank you so much. Thank you for putting the welcome flyer in one pdf – the only problem I have is that the interior prints upside down – but I will go ahead and print them separately that that should take care of it.

  • Alisha Harris

    I cannot get the welcome packet interior to come up. I printed the exterior just fine.

  • Hailey Leavitt

    Thank you!!! I just left a comment on the old tracker but now I found these! Yay!

  • Wendy Thacker

    Hi Rachel, Thank you sooooo much for doing this. I’ve been going crazy since the changes. I was able to print your one page tracking sheet for Wolf, but not the full tracking sheet for just Bear? Can you help me out?

  • Nancy Beesley

    Rachel, I am a Cubmaster and Bear den leader in South Florida. I love your work! Can I please have an editable version of the welcome pamphlet as well?

  • Michelle

    I can’t tell you how excited my pack was when I shared these with them! Thank you so much! One small change I noticed- In the Wolf requirements under Duty to God Footsteps it is “Do 1 OR 2 and two others”. You currently have 1 and 2. We are so SO grateful for all this work!

  • Natalie

    Thank you so much for doing this! These are the very best trackers out there (and I have looked at a lot of them!). For your next version, it would be so handy if there was a place to write in a completion date.

  • Caroline

    Thank you so so much for taking the time to keep updating these forms for us! You make my calling as a den leader so much easier!

  • Alysia Goodman

    Could you please send me and editable version for all the dens please and the faith to God one as well I am having a heck of a time getting it load for me. I am very grateful you did these I have been looking for updated ones it’s confusing keeping track now with the bear changes.
    thank you

  • Rachel Davis

    Thank you for catching that! I really appreciate it. I’ve changed both sets of printables and uploaded new PDF’s. I am also happy to send you an editable version (Illustrator will be needed to edit) if you like. Thanks again!!

  • Annique McGregor

    Thank you for the adventure tracking sheets. I’m trying to wrap my head around the new requirements especially as I am a new Bear leader and was just getting comfortable under the old system. I notice that with the new changes under “Bear Claws” you have listed “complete all” but the new requirements say complete 1, 2 and either 3a or 3b. Likewise, under Fellowship and Duty to God, you have listed “complete all,” but the new requirements say to complete 1 and either 2a or 2b, and either 3a or 3b. Am I misunderstanding? Is there a way to modify this, or can you send me an editable version? Thanks so much.

  • Maridyn

    I don’t see the Grin and Bear it on the Bear tracking sheet. The new requirements still have it on there.

  • Anne

    This is terrific–Thank you! Just a quick FYI–Webelos stands for WE BE LOyal Scouts so the S does not indicate plural but is part of the actual rank name.

  • Sarah G

    May I please have the editable PDF copy too? Thank you so much!

  • Rachel Davis

    Trysha– I’m not having any trouble from my end, so I can recommend that you try another browser. Also waiting for a minute or so. Let me know if you still have trouble and I’ll email it over to you!

  • Trysha

    Love this but having the darnest time downloading it.

  • Genevieve Pelissie

    My goodness. Fantastic. Thank you so much!

  • Rachel Davis

    I’ll can send you a PDF version that is editable in Illustrator. I *wish* this was doable in Word but the design just isn’t simple enough.

  • Julie Shaffer

    I LOVE Welcome to Cub Scouts pamphlet. Is there a editable version that you could share with me?

  • Aleah

    I would love one with the electives outlined! These are awesome though and done so quickly!

  • Shannon Haymore

    AWESOME!!! Can I get an email copy as well?

  • Rita Taylor

    love these, by any chance do you have any tiger ones?

  • Marcia Blake

    I would love and editable version on the tracking sheets and the welcome pages. Thanks so much. These are so helpful.

  • Rachel Davis

    I think it was Nov 30, 2016. I got an email about it on Dec 6, I think, but I believe it took place a week earlier, effective immediately. You can read through the links provided for more details directly from BSA. I don’t really have a condensed version except that the worksheets are a condensed summary?

  • Kari

    PS from above. Is there a condensed version we can give out to the parents at pack meeting by chance?

  • Kari

    What date did all of these take place? I just want to be sure I haven’t already got this update. You did an amazing job, definately time consuming!!!

  • Kori

    This is awesome! As a brand new Webelos leader, I really appreciate it!

  • Rachel Davis

    Oh I’m so glad you’re reading it the same way. I seriously looked at that requirement like four times.

    I think this adjustment was made for LDS dens, honestly, because we often refrain from meeting in the summer and also fold in Faith in God. It will definitely give us more flexibility, but sometimes that requires creativity!! Good luck!

  • Kristy

    I see what they did, Grin and Bear is now an elective and Baloo the Builder which was an elective is now required. Sorry about that, thanks so much.

    On a different note, I find that as LDS meeting every week, except during Pack meeting week, we are quickly going through the required and moving into electives. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, I worry I will run out of material for the Bears.

  • Emily Fowers

    Thanks for making these! Not only will be it great for keeping track of my boys, but seeing it presented this way really helped me understand the changes. I would love the editable version as well! I’m amazed that you got these updated so quickly!

  • Kristy

    Thanks so much for putting this together. I just noticed one correction on the BEAR requirements, it should be Grin and Bear It (Required) instead of Baloo the Builder (Elective) , also do 4 out of 5.

  • Allyn Shaw

    Rachel, do you have anything that shows how the ADVENTURES and the AWARDS co-mingle? I am a Bear Leader and here is an example. The Fur, Feathers, and Ferns adventure requires a one mile hike and the cub scout Outdoor activity award requires a nature hike. Any other Adventure and Awards requirements that are aligned?

  • Jonathan Gibson

    Wonderful. From a fellow graphic designer and cubmaster I’ve realized the advancement design is poorly designed. These are a giant leap in the right direction. thanks!

  • Rachel Davis

    I’m happy to send the Illustrator file! Hope you can use it. I’d love to make it available as an editable Word File, it’s just so complex and dense that it requires a more robust design program. Check your email.

  • Michelle hollowell

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make AND SHARE these printable charts! I took would like an editable version if possible. Thanks again!

  • Lisa Ballard

    I would love an illustrator file of this, if you don’t mind sharing. Thank you for making these!!

  • Shawna

    This is great. Thank you for taking the time to make these AND for making them available to us. Bless you!!

  • Rachel Davis

    I created this in Adobe Illustrator. I’m more than happy to send it to you if you can use it. Please let me know!

  • Shannon

    This is great. Do you by chance have an editable version of the tracking sheet?

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