12 Weeks of Progress or How to Complete Personal Progress this Summer

12 Weeks of Progress scheduleMy friend has a daughter who completed a 10-hour project by designing a 12-week schedule for Personal Progress. If you follow her schedule, you could complete all of Personal Progress in one summer! Amazing. I think it’s also a great way to approach Personal Progress if you are a leader or if you’d like to earn your honor bee.

I asked her to tell me a little more about why she put this schedule together and this is what she wrote:

I completed Personal Progress as a Beehive and again as a Mia Maid. As I did so, I noticed that many of the activities and scriptures were very similar, and some of the girls in my ward were looking at Personal Progress as a huge challenge and burden rather than an achievable goal. I created the program to make Personal Progress seem more doable, because I really do believe that it has many benefits, and when it is simplified and organized you can get to the heart of the program.

She also built a website around this concept. It is legit–it looks so professional! I know I’m biased, but I really think that nearly every young woman would benefit from setting up a blog or website. There are so many different kinds of skills required, from graphics to software interface, to writing and editing. There are also a ton of free options so it could be a low cost project.

Be sure to check out her website, called 12 Weeks of Progress. She also graciously let me post the PDF schedule here for you to download and use.


An updated version of the 12 week program is available here, which includes Good Works #4 and Virtue #3. If you’re interested in implementing this system, I highly recommend working through the experiences and reading with her website, Personal Progress 12 Weeks


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  • Rachel Verdoorn

    I just found your site and subsequently this awesome 12 weeks of personal progress. However, as a previous commenter pointed out, it is missing the week tabs. Have you been able to figure out if it is still accessible? I’d love for my daughter to do this program this summer. Thanks for your help.

  • Rachel Davis

    I clicked over to see what you mean–it seems like there is an “Index” tab missing, right? Let me see if I can find out more. For now, you might want to check out the updated one-page printable here: I’m not sure if she’s maintaining her site currently (she’s in the middle of her sophomore year at Stanford so I think she’s got her hands full!)

  • Diana Walburger

    Hi Rachel, I can’t seem to access the different weeks on the schedule page of the 12 weeks of progress. There doesn’t seem to be a link to all the weeks, only the ones mentioned. Am I missing some thing? Your the only one I can contact on this. I would love to give this to my girls for summer, but I’m at a stand still without the weeks broken down like she did for 1,2,3 and 5

  • kathy velez

    This is a wonderful chart. My daughter did point out, however, that it is missing Virtue #3 and Goodworks #4 or #7

  • Autumn

    i think this is completely amazing. i received my YW medallion and it took me 11 months and my honor bee in 3 months, i have only been a member 2.5 years and am 9 weeks from graduation so i am going to try this and see what i can do in this amount of time

  • Rachel Davis

    Michele–I’ve never noticed that! You’d only need to complete either 4 or 7 to finish the Good Works value (since you need six total). Or, of course, you can write your own. It would be easy to add Good Works 7 to Week 6.

  • Michele Elder

    I don’t see good works #4 or 7? I only see 12356?

  • aimee carlson

    Thank you so much for sharing this! The website is fantastic. Can’t wait to get my girls to to this and do it myself. Love it!

  • Rachel Davis

    Julie– I don’t know why #7 is blank, but Virtue 3 is not included, so pencil it in for that week. Good luck! Please let me know if Sarah likes it! I’d love to hear.

  • Julie M

    Ok…so I finally just got around to printing this for Sarah and was taking a closer look at it. Do you know what #7 is for?

  • Shanin

    THANK!!!!! my YW love this idea! I’m from CHILE!

  • Rachel Davis

    Shelley! You are a champ for catching this! I checked around her website and I don’t see Virtue 3 listed there either. Let’s pencil it in on Week 7, eh? I’ll update the PDF next week and include it. Thanks so much!

  • Shelley

    This is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this! This will really help a lot of young women! I noticed that Virtue #3 isn’t listed to pass off. Do we add that in somewhere, or is it already there but didn’t get put in the checklist? Thank you so much!

  • Rachel Davis

    Penny– I’m not exactly sure why she left Week 7 open although it is the half way point. Also, I noticed that she groups different value experiences together that work together. So Week 6, for example, has four experiences that are all related to service and family and the work that is needed to complete them is thematically coherent and even overlaps a bit. Each grouping makes some sense, and is done for a reason, they are not simply grouped together by quantity.

    It would be a great time for any catch up work that is needed, too, right?

    Good question. Thanks.

  • Penny

    This is really a great program for the summer! I am wondering why there isn’t anything to check off on week 7 though.

  • Rachel Davis

    Teri– She really did a great job of organizing personal progress so that it seems manageable, didn’t she?

    I’m not sure precisely what your question is about the scriptures. To read the Book of Mormon in this time frame you’d follow the schedule on the far left column. As far as all of the scriptures you would need to read to complete value experiences, they’re not listed on the chart. Basically the PDF above is a time frame, but you really need to have your Personal Progress book nearby as you work through the value experiences (in the far right column). So, for example, if you’re completing Individual Worth value experience #1, you’d have to flip to your PP book (or look online) for the list of scriptures to read and ponder as you complete that requirement.

    I think it would be more convenient to have them all compiled into one PDF, but I also think that perhaps it’s good for the young women to use their scriptures to look them up?

    I’ll think on this. If I decide to pull all the scriptures into one PDF, I’ll definitely post it here.

  • Teri

    This is awesome, Rachel, and so is her website! We are a new presidency & have several older girls who haven’t really done anything so this would really help them. Are you aware of a PDF which also lists the scriptures for each value they’re supposed to read, and the experiences?

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