Throwback Thursday A Frenzy of Giggles

1962 Childrens FrenzyFor today’s Throwback Thursday I’m sharing a couple of fantastic kids activity pages from the May 1962 issue of The Children’s Friend. I love the jokes and the art work.

1962Riddles and GigglesAnd then there’s this Q&A page. I think there’s a question that is deemed age appropriate for each class which could be answered from reading this issue of the magazine. I like it especially because it lists the class names from 1962!

1962 Do You Know the AnswersMoonbeams, Sunbeams, Stars, Rainbows, Co-Pilots, Top Pilots, Blazers, Trekkers, Guide Patrol, Gaynotes, Firelights, and Merrihands. What does Lucifer take from us when he successfully tempts us to break the Word of Wisdom? I feel compelled to read the magazine more carefully.

Women’s Session Notes Pages Spring 2015

I like to have a simple “notes page” to take to the Women’s Session. It helps me to keep my thoughts focused when I have something in my hands. I’ve made a few of these notes pages in the past. This year I decided to make one that is easy to photocopy (black and white). It’s two pages but it’s meant to be printed or photocopied front to back and then folded in half, hot dog style.

Womens Session Notes Pages Spring 2015Instead of making it all lined, I sectioned it off into rectangles. It seems like this would make more sense for the kind of notes (and doodles!) I like to pencil in. Also, I think the front is conducive for doodling (and patterns) too! If you wind up using this note page and doodle all over it, please send me a copy! I’d love to see it in action in your hands. Just snap a picture with your phone and send it to me at greendavis at Or instagram it! I’m @rachel_evans_davis.

I’ll be making another one of these for the Priesthood Session on the 5th. My 16-year-old probably won’t use it, but I think my 12-year-old would appreciate it :)

General Conference photo books

Conference photo bookletA couple of weeks ago I put together a Bible ABC Quiet book for Jonah using a cheap photo brag book. So when I started thinking about how to engage my children for conference this year, I naturally started thinking about those little photo brag books again. You know what I’m talking about, right? You can fit 24 4×6 photos in each little book, and you can find them for about $1-$1.50 at most drug stores. Kind of like this. The covers are always atrocious, but don’t worry: you can pull the cover out and slide in your own.

Covers for Conference Photo Booklets

So I had one of these photo books sitting on my desk and I remembered that I used to bring sheet protectors to my primary class. We would use dry erase markers to write, draw, or color on the sheet protectors as part of the lesson. Then you can just erase them with a tissue (or your fingertip!). And I realized these little photo books would act in the same way: you could use dry erase markers on them. It makes them perfect for a little quiet book… or for a General Conference quiet book for kids!Conference Facts

I gathered a bunch of photos and activity pages from (this is a great folder in the Media Library as well as this)and had them printed as photos, 4×6 at Costco. But after trying out that method, I think it would have been easier to print them at home! So I saved mazes, activity pages, and coloring sheets for you as a PDF to print on your home printer, two per page. You’ll have to trim the sheets down to 4×6 (see below for guides for trimming) before you slip them into your photo book, obviously, but I think it works better. I would print the images on card stock to make it easier for your kids to write on the pages.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.18.14 AM

A few words on the images I chose. I work hard to stay true to the instructions on about which images are free for use and which ones are copyright protected. There are a lot of photo images (like all of the images of Auxiliary leaders, for example) which are behind a copyright protection. I printed these for my own kids so they can be familiar with the Primary, Young Women, Young Men, and Relief Society presidencies, but I can’t repost them here for you. You can easily download these images and print them for your family directly from

The same holds true for the deep cache of images, games and activity pages that are available from The Friend (and which are copyright protected). Just a little bit of searching, saving, and printing and you could easily customize 24 pages for your individual child. It’s so easy. If the 4×6 resizing feels like too much of a hassle, you could easily replicate this project with full page sheet protectors, a three ring binder and old copies of The Friend! Slip coloring pages and activity pages from old copies of The Friend behind sheet protectors, add a few dry erase markers and you’ve got an easy conference quiet book ready to go.

Tracing in a photo booklet

You may also want to include a family photo for your kids to trace (or deface with moustaches!) or your local temple. Also, as the image above shows, the coloring pages are fun to color in, but my kids also have a great time outlining them and then removing the image from behind the plastic sleeve. There’s something a little big magic about tracing in this way! It’s fun.

Finally, I originally left space for notes about the speakers messages. But the blessing of the dry erase markers (that they are erasable) is also a drawback! I think if the kids are taking notes, they should probably do that in a different, more permanent way. I found that the ink doesn’t immediately rub off (so you can reliably make some simple marks) but it isn’t very predictable either. So this booklet ends up being a fun, on topic distraction. If you’re hoping for a way to take notes, keep looking: you might like these labels on speakers and topics.

St. Patrick’s Day Family Home Evening

St Patricks Day FHE

I’m not really into celebrating St. Patrick’s day in a big way, but last year I found this funny connection to Lucky Charms in the MTC (see quote above) and I think it makes for a light-hearted FHE for this time of year. It’s a silly way to combine this lucky holiday with mission prep and a sugary treat.

So feed them Lucky Charms (or one of the delicious looking Lucky Charms desserts linked below). Ask them where they hope to go on their mission. Tell them they are lucky, lucky kids for having the gospel to share. And for having a mom who feeds them Lucky Charms as mission prep.

If you want to get more ambitious with your FHE treat tonight, Pinterest has endless inspiration. I love this adorable cake from Alana Jones.

And I think this ice box version would be (disgustingly) yummy, from Parade.

Or a simple Lucky Charms shake! I think this is the winner for our family treat tonight.

Most missionaries receive special training in one of the 15 missionary training centers throughout the world. The largest, in Provo, currently has approximately 3,000 missionaries in residence. I thought you might be interested in several statistics shared with me during a recent visit to the MTC. In one month the missionaries consume over 5,000 pounds of dry cereal. That is over 2 1/2 tons. Of that amount, 2,200 pounds is Lucky Charms. Lucky Charms is a popular breakfast dry cereal. Maybe one of the best preparations for being a missionary is to eat Lucky Charms. For you parents who try to focus your [children’s] eating habits on what you may consider is more nutritious food, you might be aware that in one month missionaries consumed only 16 pounds of All Bran. 

Earl C. Tingey, Missionary Service, April 1998



My Top 10 Chapters in the Book of Mormon

Top 10 Book of Mormon Chapters

You may remember that my mom and her husband are about to leave on their senior mission. (To Phnom Penh CAMBODIA!) I’m trying to take advantage of her before she goes :) We’ve been discussing her scripture study lately and I asked if she thought she could isolate her very favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. It’s an interesting exercise to try if you’ve never done it yourself! She shared the following “Top 10″ with me and I thought I’d pass it along to you. I think if you need a little jump start or reboot to your scripture study, these chapters would be a fabulous place to begin. I mean, you really could spend a whole semester just on these chapters.

Thanks so much for your wisdom and testimony, Mom. I love this list.

Do you have others that are favorites? Please share in the comments. From Connie:

These chapters have inspired me, taught me and are perennial favorites. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God brought to us through Joseph Smith. The Book of Mormon testifies of Christ and His mission here on the earth. It was written for us in our day and will help us specifically if we study it, seeking guidance from its pages.

1 Nephi 11

One of the most beautiful descriptions of the mission of the Savior and the tree of life. The entire book of 1 Nephi is inspiring. It introduces the themes of the Book of Mormon. I love this entire book of 1 Nephi. It is a great guide to leading a family.

2 Nephi 2

Lehi to son Jacob on the Plan of Salvation, “Adam fell that men might be, and men are, that they might have joy.” (See also 2 Nephi: 9 and 28 for more great patriarchs teaching.) 2 Nephi has the most scriptures listed in Seminary Scripture Mastery. So much doctrine is contained in the teachings in 2 Nephi.

Jacob 5

After reading Julie Beck’s talk about this chapter, it has been a source of inspiration. WE are the laborers and are given wonderful promises. It is a great guide to being diligent and leading in the kingdom. Also, I love that the Lord of the vineyard wept.

Mosiah 2-5

King Benjamin’s address has always been a favorite. My very favorite scripture ever is Mosiah 4:11-12. Also, this sermon describes personal conversion and points us to the temple throughout.

Alma 5

Iconic teaching on change of heart. Must be read periodically. Am I improving?

Alma 36

The most powerful description of repentance anywhere. Alma was delivered from the bonds of sin through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He refers to his exquisite pain and sweet joy. Many chapters in the Book of Mormon refer to the peoples’ bondage and deliverance both spiritual and physical. This is the most profound and personal.

Alma 48-49

Captain Moroni and preparation for war (confronting evil). Righteousness is the greatest source of strength as it gives us God’s limitless power. (1 Nephi 14:14) Captain Moroni is an inspiring example. Also, from Alma 49:8, Sister Burton taught at the 2014 Fall Women’s Conference that we need to prepare in a “manner which never had been known…” as Moroni did. This and other Alma chapters about war and conflict are more meaningful when we remember that Elder Holland taught that war is a metaphor for the last days.

Helaman 5

Wonderful missionary chapter. Helaman’s lecture and Nephi and Lehi’s missionary experience.

3 Nephi 17 and 26

I fell that these are the most tender chapters of Christ’s ministry to the Nephites (3 Nephi 11-26). They describe Christ’s compassionate healing of the sick and afflicted and His tender ministering to the children. I have often thought of the emotion of the Savior in his ministry to the Nephites. He has just completed the Atonement, has felt our pain and our burden of sin. Perhaps that is why there is so much compassion in these chapters.

Moroni 7

Moroni selects words of his father to include in the book. It is like a “Last Lecture”. In the end what is MOST important? This chapter refers to angels, covenants and faith, hope and charity—such glorious guidelines.

TBT The Children’s Friend, May 1962

Throwback Thursday is when I take advantage of an Internet tradition to share my stash of LDS vintage goodness with you. I like to scan the stuff that is the most fascinating or beautiful. Sometimes the old pamphlets and articles are a little creepy! Sometimes they are utterly charming, like today. The 1962 Children’s friend has a beautiful cover:

Friend 1962 front cover

It wraps around to the back where we see the other bird parent. It’s not your eyes: the printing register is slightly off. But the colors are so fantastic!

Friend May 1962 back coverThere is lots of loveliness inside, too. Aside from the stories and poems, the Riddle Giggles page and Children’s Frenzy section, there are four removable coloring pages. One of the removable pages has this sweet paper doll dress up page. The flip side has a test on the final week of Christ’s life. Frankly, both would still be perfect for a Family Home Evening! I cleaned up the images and turned them into printable PDF’s below. This is (another) one of those days when I really wish I had a daughter so we could color this cute paper doll together. :)

Freda Friendly May 1962 Friend copy

Final Week Test May 1962 copy


Pinewood Derby Printables

Free Pinewood Derby Printables

I volunteered to help with the awards for our Pinewood Derby over the weekend. There are several cute options available online, but, as usual, I wanted to customize ours so I made my own. I thought I’d share a very generic version with you!

There’s a half page Congratulations certificate which could easily be used for all participants. It’s meant to be printed in full color and then cut in half, so you get two certificates per page. Every child who participated received this certificate. We’ll write in the name of each Cub Scout on the long line in center and then have our Cubmaster sign the smaller line on the bottom.

Participation Certificate

We also decided to give a handful of awards: we’re going to have two judges choose which cars receive awards for Most Artistic, Best Sports Theme, Most Patriotic, Most Unusual Shape, Funniest, Fastest Looking, and Best Paint Job. You can see these certificates in the top graphic.

We also decided to order three trophies, for the winner, second and third place. We’re going to give them certificates as well. I included awards for 1-5th below in case you’re handling your awards differently. There’s also one for Judges Favorite and Best Workmanship.

Best Sportsmanship

We’re also going to hand out a certificate and a treat for Best Sportsmanship along with a few super size candy bars! There a one page certificate below for that special award. Many of the certificates are designed this way: the longer line in the center is meant for the winners name or the name of the car. The two smaller lines on the left and right can be signed by your judges, or your Cubmaster or Den Leader, or you can write in the date on the left and have your Primary President sign on the right.

Pit Pass Car 8

Finally, there are tons of adorable ideas for “Driver’s Licenses” or “Pit Passes.” I really love the ones with photos laminated on them! So cute. But we just don’t have the time or budget to pull that off for all of our Cub Scouts this year. Instead, we’re printing these Pit Passes in full color–I’ll print them on card stock and laminate them. Lanyards would be perfect to clip on, but due to budget constraints, I just bought some black paracord and looped it through these passes. I actually stapled the paracord together and then wrapped a short piece of black electric tape around it. They worked fine: only one broke.

To keep it simple and quick, we’re going to let the kids write their car number on their passes with a Sharpie when they arrive at the Pinewood Derby, like you can see above. But in the original file there’s just a blanks spot (where it says “Car 8″ above), so if you want to add the name of each Cub you could easily do that too.

They’re meant to be 4×3 inches. You can see how they should be cut below.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.11.17 PM


Good luck with all your Pinewood Derby preparations!

TBT Hello, Girls!

Hello, Girls!Today’s Throwback Thursday gem is from the April 1956 Children’s Friend: an “adventurous” list of self care and grooming by Katherine Bevis. Beginning with bathing and lotion, manicure and pedicure, brushed hair, and a finishing up with a clean mouth (and “a good reliable moutwash”). Although the article begins by framing her efforts with the purpose of attracting the attention of boys, it ends with the assurance that “You will feel clean, sweet, and sure of yourself.” The Check List is actually still mostly useful, except for number 7. Gloves should be spotless. Ha!

And of course I love the graphics.

Bible ABC’s One Page Printable

Bible ABC Full Page printable
Once the images were set, it didn’t take much additional work to put them together on a one page printable. I’m not even sure exactly what you’d use this for, but it would be easy to print and put in a church bag (or clipboard). Kids can look up the scriptures listed or write other words for each letter of the alphabet below… Please share other ideas in the comments!

Bible ABC Photo Book with Gospel Art Pictures

Bible ABC Cover

My youngest son, Jonah, is just three and a half. When I was raising my older boys, now 16, 12, and 9, I carefully constructed quiet books for sacrament meeting. I made special clipboards with stickers and photocopied church related coloring pages. I would stock my church bag with new treats and toys every week.

My Sunday plan these days is much, much simpler. I rarely pack a “church bag:” usually I throw the stuff I need for my day into a big Trader Joe’s shopping bag. If he’s lucky, I remember a ziploc bag of goldfish for Jonah. The big boys bring their own scriptures and Josh brings his phone so he can use the scripture app. Most Sundays, this works out well.

Last week was not one of those days. It reminded me that I used to expend quite a bit of energy to prepare to keep my young ones quiet at church. And I realized it was long past time to bring a quiet book for Jonah! I remembered seeing this DIY one from Ashley on Pinterest. I love it. She designed a transparent .png layer for you to download so you can choose the image you’d like behind each letter. I even started using her templates, but I quickly realized I wanted to customize my own. I think the terms of use have changed on (I’m sure they have), because they offer much of their art for use for “personal, church-related, noncommercial use.” Check, check, check.

I used pieces from the media library for almost everything because part of the purpose of this quiet book is to familiarize Jonah with our gospel art. I did reach out for a few extra images: Queen Esther, Zacharias, and Ruth are classic paintings and they are each public domain images. There is no X! Because that’s nonsense. Also, when I had the option, I chose images that were related to Christ or the Bible rather than words or images related to culture or LDS tradition. In fact, every scripture reference in this set is Biblical. If the mood strikes, perhaps I’ll put together one that is more Book of Mormon focused, although it is harder to find enough art to fill out all 26 letters. Anyway…

The best part about this quiet book is that it is extremely cost effective. It cost me about $3.50 to print all of the images as 4×6 photo prints at Costco. The photo brag book (the kind you can find at most drug stores) can be found for as cheap as $1. The plastic photo books I found hold 24 images: I slipped the letter Z into the back cover so the numbering was perfect. I think this would be a fantastic gift for grandchildren or for a Primary class.

Feel free to grab these and download your own ABC photo book! Each file is a jpg which is the correct format if you’re planning on printing these as photos. Here’s a zipped file.

The zipped file doesn’t have the cover, which you can download right here.

And here are the individual files if you’d prefer to download them separately.








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