Graduating Primary Gift

Gift for graduates

Graduating from Primary is a rite of passage! It might seem over-dramatic, but I really believe it’s a clear marking point between childhood and adolescence. So we throw a mini celebration every time a member of our Valiant 11 Class leaves us! We invite their parents and family to join in. In our ward we have the really cool tradition that the whole Deacon class comes in on the first Sunday that a boy is 12 and literally picks him up and carries him out the door to Young Men’s. (There’s a blurry snapshot of this in action below!) It is so cute and such a cool metaphor for the power of brotherhood that they are joining. I literally tear up every time this happens!

When the girls graduate, the Young Women also come in to collect their new Beehive! In our ward they bring Beehive stickers that they put all over her face and arms and then walk her out of Primary together. It is equally fun and adorable! This “kidnapping” is the most fun thing that happens at their Primary graduation.


But we also sing to the graduate and give them a few treats! If they have completed the Faith in God program, the bishop comes to award them their signed booklet. Page 19 of the Faith in God booklet says “Parents and leaders should help the children understand that the joy of living the gospel is the most important reward.” But I just can’t help myself: we also give them a small gift. In part it is a reward for their sustained effort in the Faith in God program, but I also think a visible reward and celebration helps encourage the other Primary children to make progress with their goals.

In the past we’ve given out framed copies of their favorite scripture verses, but this year I’ve decided to print and frame a Mormon Ad to give if they complete their Faith in God. There are so many great ones to choose from. It does take some work to filter through them online, so I’ve pulled my top favorites below. I resized them to be 8×10 because it’s an easier size to find a frame! I also resized them to 5×7 because they would be a little less expensive to print and frame.

Stay True two per page copy

Find the original Stay True Mormon Ad here.

Be thou Strong 5x7 copyI think this is my all time favorite piece of church art ever. I just love it! We have it hanging in our Primary room right now. It was originally a Bright Idea in the Friend, rather than a Mormon Ad. I think it’s a great fit for girls graduating into Young Women.


Seek the Living Water 2per copy

Click here for the original Seek the Living Water Mormon Ad.

Think Big 5x7 copy

This Think Big Mormon Ad is perfect for 12-year olds who are getting out of that little Primary pond, don’t you think? I love this one too.

Regardless of whether they’ve completed Faith in God, each child gets a bag with treats from me to mark this big transition! We work hard to avoid food rewards during the rest of the year, so every once in a while I think it is fun to share candy. It also makes it easier when one of the kids has not earned their Faith in God frame. No one leaves Primary empty handed.

Printable Thank You notes

Five Printable Thank You notesI’ve spent the week putting together five different Thank You notes, in various shapes and sizes. I pulled them all together into one post so they’ll be easy access. Check them out below!

First up is the super Simple Thank You.

Simple Thank You note copy

Printable Thankasaurus Rex card copyNext up is the Thankasaurus Rex. Love this one. So great for little boys.

Printable Mandala Thank You card to print

The mandala card seems better fit for someone a little bit older.

Printable Thank You Cootie catcher full pageNext is a Cootie Catcher. I think it’s best printed in full color, but printing it in black and white would work fine too.

Printable Thank You form

Finally, the Printable Thank You Form. Obviously it would work best for kids who can write! Kind of silly and fun.

Cootie Catcher Thank You printable

Printable Thank you Cootie Catcher

Ever since I created a Cootie Catcher for Conference, I keep returning to this format! It’s so cute.

It was easy to convert into a “Thank You” cootie catcher. It’s meant to be printed in full color. Regular weight paper works best because you’ll need to have several folds. There are instructions on the bottom of the page.

Printable Thank You Cootie catcher full pageYou could fill in each “thank you” in the center beforehand, but I imagine it would be very sweet to open this cootie catcher together. The person who wants to thank can ask their friend to choose a number, then an object, and then verbally thank their friend right there on the spot! The eight “thank you’s” in the center are very general and probably apply to any friend:

Thanks to you, I have learned that…

Your support has meant the world to me! Thank you for…

You are so generous! Thank you for…

Thank you so much! I’ll never forget how I felt when you…

I’m so grateful for our friendship. Thank you so much for…

Thank you! I’ll never forget how you…

Where do I begin? I can’t thank you enough for…

Thank you so much for…

Mandala Thank You card

Printable Mandala Thank You card to print

The next Thank You card has a cool mandala design coupled with the definition of gratitude. For some reason this seems like a better fit for kids who are a bit older. I think perhaps they would enjoy the more intricate and abstract coloring.

This one is bigger, designed to be printed on a full page and folded in half. Card stock would be ideal.

Thankasaurus Rex printable card

Printable Thankasaurus Rex card copy

Today continues a week of easy-to-print Thank You cards here at The Mormon Home. Feeling super grateful at the end of the school year for all the help we had to get to this point!

This one is the Thankasaurus Rex card, perfect for little ones from preschool through 2nd grade. My little Jonah will love coloring this one for his special preschool teachers.

This would work best printed on white card stock. It’s designed two per page, meant to be cut in half and folded.

Simple Thank You Note

Simple Thank You note copy

The end of the school year is coming quickly! My May calendar is filled with recitals, finals, and projects. I have a high school senior (!?!) so I have all the feels–mostly gratitude that one of my children has made it to adulthood! It is more obvious than ever how many people we, as a family, have to thank for making it through another school year. So this week I am posting a simple Thank You card printable every day as we gear up to thank our teachers and friends who have helped us along the way.

I know it’s easy enough to buy your own at Target or the Dollar Store. These cards are meant to be easy to color in so your kids can add a personal touch. A bit more meaningful, but also, importantly, I think when the children participate they are forced to think about others. Great for Family Home Evening or a Sunday afternoon activity, too.

Probably best for the elementary age set, but I have a pretty mandala coming up that would be perfect for middle school girls (ha!).

These work best printed on card stock. There are two per page, mean to but cut in half and folded.

The First Vision Fill-in-the-Blank Storyboard

First Vision story board

I’m going to be teaching the First Vision in sharing time on Sunday. I’ll be doing something different for my Junior Primary, but for Senior Primary I am using this storyboard from The Friend (you can find the original online in the March 2008 Friend).

The twist is that I erased all the words that tell the story. I am planning on having my Senior Primary do their best to fill in the blank boxes and circles on their own, using the scriptures in the Joseph Smith History as a guide. After they’ve tried to fill in the blanks on their own with this one page worksheet, we’ll work on it together. I’ll also have the original available in case we get stuck.

You can print your storyboard worksheets below. They are black and white so you can make copies for the kids. Cool for Family Home Evening, too.

Mother’s Day printable

Mother's Day printable We Do Not DoubtI’m trying to work out exactly how we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day with our Primary. I’m still not quite sure, I did put together an easy printable that will work as an accompanying coloring page or card. I used this image from the Family History coloring book. I like the way the mother seems to be at the center of the image and her children are looking in toward her.

There is a full page printable as well as a PDF which has two per page, designed to be cut in half and folded.